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cabin fever!, pt. 1

Huzzah!* The building has commenced! Last Saturday, October 10, Kevin & Jen & kids, Andrew & Lisa & kids, Matt and Richard joined Dave in the RV sites to begin work on Cabin 1! Actually, it'll probably be Cabin 12-14 or 16, because those puppies will be the first to go. Kevin, Andrew, Richard, Matt and Dave made a good start on the cabin. Lisa, Jen and I cooked ... deliciously pre-cooked food (thanks Ken!). Andrew managed to find time to take some photos as they built, so check it out! Left: The build site, with just the skids on the ground. Right: Skids. Right: Hammer time.* Left: Land of many drills. Left: Kevin and Richard weren't cold at all (it was only -15 with the windchill, after all). Right: Fortunately, to offset the cold, a coffee break! Left: Richard and Jesse measuring. Right: The first wall is up! The second wall is up! Left: Frame of the back wall. Right: Our handsome building crew. * "Huzzah!" is actua

the rest of the year

We had an anonymous comment on our Impact post that I'll paraphrase -- "the blog makes it look like the only important thing that happens at Evergreen is summer camps." It's not a question, but a question is implied, and it's a fair question and I'd like to address it! Through July and August, summer and family camps aren't the only important thing that happens at Evergreen: they are quite simply the only thing that happens at Evergreen. As part of summer camp, we have an A/V crew that's on hand to capture the summer's progression: all the crazy games and cute kids and fun activities and chapel times and firesides and whatever else. In addition to taking sweet photos, they make weekly DVDs that campers can take home at the end of each week. Our campers' parents also sign a waiver that allows us to take their kids' pictures and use those pictures on our brochures, in newsletters and here on the blog. From September 1 - June 30 (or there ab

rise up! - october 2-4, 2009

Rise Up!, our annual Senior High retreat, was this last weekend. We had a special visit from someone who's usually just present for Rise 'n Shine (our Junior High retreat) ... the snow! On Sunday (the snow really arrived Sunday), there were snowball fights galore and I took a picture through the kitchen window of them. It was cold. I was a chicken. Ashley and Sandi interpreted the snowfall as an opportunity to take crazy pictures. We played Bible Smugglers again on Saturday night. I was canoed our teams of smugglers, and on one of my return trips from the hidden dock, as I was approaching the main dock where the smugglers meet for their trips across the pond, I was met with a huge splash. My first thought was, "that's super mean, smugglers! It's cold out! I don't want to get wet!" But, as it turned out, the smugglers had not thrown rocks into the water to splash -- rather, there was an angry beaver swimming around my canoe. It was pretty exc