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There and Back Again - A German Volunteer's Tale

Jogee reporting here...It's Sunday and it's barely been 48 hours since Taylor, Christoph, Sebastian, Felix, Josh, Tamara, and I returned from a very quick, but exciting, trip out to Vancouver Island.  We should start by answering the question "why". Well...because we can. Just kidding! Seriously though... Why ARE you driving some of your staff out to the coast? Well - the answer is simple. It's a giant thank you to our annual German Volunteer staff. Many of them come really wanting to see (and jump into) the Pacific Ocean so we made it happen. It was a big adventure and we did a ton of sight-seeing and travelling around the lower Main Land and Vancouver Island. Here's how the trip went and some pictures that captured our favourite moments: Monday  - We started out at 6am to beat Holiday traffic and drove to Stillwood Camp and Conference Centre - that's off of Cultus Lake near Chilliwack, BC.  It was great! Traffic was basically non-existent an


I'm excited to say that things are beginning to move here at Camp Evergreen after a long winter.  It was starting to feel like spring would never arrive as we were frozen solid by the cold winter.  It is a little ironic that "they" are calling for snow again this week!  Oh well, we will survive.  What kind of things are moving you ask?  Let me be the first to tell you. We'll start with Courtney our Program Director.  Courtney has moved 240 feet (yes I measured) or 75.152 metres from her house (which isn't her house anymore) into the brown trailer (most recently Beth Anna's trailer, which was Kerry's trailer, which was...etc.)  We did a bit of sprucing up and with the help of our strong and talented staff moved her in just before the weekend.   When asked how her new place is, Courtney commented on how far it is from her bedroom to the living room.  For those of you who have been in both her homes you know what we're talking about.  We

The Spring Staff are coming... and a bunny trail.

Today my calendar told me it was time for a blog! Often I am not sure of what to write.. But don't worry, I am all over it this week! THE SPRING STAFF ARE COMING! This is something to sing about. Each year in Spring around 20 new staff join us to help us run our programs. Everyone will start to arrive on April 30th! We have a very busy May and June ahead of us: school groups, Girl Guides & Boy Scouts, youth groups, men's retreats & ladies' retreats and our very own Father & Son Retreat. Bunny Trail.... Have you ever been to a retreat here at Evergreen? Well we just had our anual Ladies Retreat and it was an AMAZING weekend! . Robin Jones Gunn was awesome and worship led by Becca Mabbett, Sarah Viejou, Joy Friesen, Jill Dempsey, and Krista Quapp. Recognize those names? All the band members have been on staff at one point or another! While we still had all the regualar activities you would usually see at a Evergreen retreat, we had specia