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Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  I've lost count how many times I've started this email, deleted the text, and started over again. Words just don't seem to carry enough weight to clearly convey my thankfulness this afternoon. Regardless of the shortfall, I am going to try. On November 21st we ran our very first Livestream Telethon. We had set our goal for this fundraiser at $80,000. To be honest, when we set the goal for this fundraiser, I thought it was going to be tough to meet. Days before the Livestream, we were at $10,250 and I simply didn't know how we were ever going to hit our goal. I picked up the mail and there were enough donations to get us nearly halfway to our goal AND a $20,000 donation to Reaching Higher. WHAT?! It was at this point that I really felt like the Isrealites in the Old Testament and how quickly they forgot about God's faithfulness. It is so easy for us to hear the world's message about how bad things are and how worse they're going to get and forget that we se

CE@Home Learn the Bunny Hop

Camp Evergreen is super excited about our newest summer activity: Mountain Biking. Our staff have been working hard on building a great trail to ride and we can't wait to have campers come and test it out! For all the bikers out there, our challenge this week is for you. Watch Max (one of our amazing seasonal staff) teach you how to do a bunny hop on your bike. We would love to see your progress. You can send videos to

CE@Home Fort Building Challenge

Hi Everyone, today we have our first challenge for all our campers out there. The challenge is to build the coolest blanket fort in the world, right in your home. Go around your house, grab everything you can think of to construct with and then put your architect hats on to design a masterpiece! In the video below, two of our staff (have constructed there own fort. Check it out for a tour and some tips on how to make your own! If you have built a fort, we would love to see it! You can send pictures to

Yodel 'n' Hum at Home

  Have you been missing camp? Do you need to get some energy out?  Get everyone in your family together and join our awesome staff for some fun Yodel n Hum songs. You don't need to know the songs, just watch the videos and follow along! The Mango Song: Let me see your Funky Chicken: Moose with some Juice:

Camp Evergreen at Home

Camp Evergreen is launching a new program to help campers and families get through these tough times of physical isolation. We want you to be able to experience some of the fun and atmosphere of Camp Evergreen right from your home. We will be releasing a number of videos each week including educational videos, tutorial videos for crafts and cooking, devotional videos, and fun silly videos. We would love to help you learn new skills, have fun together and enjoy your time in quarantine. Check out our trailer for Camp Evergreen at Home: Our first video in the Camp Evergreen at Home series is a tour of our Camp Evergreen Barn. Watch it here: In order to stay up to date with our videos, please subscribe to our Youtube channel 'Camp Evergreen'. We are looking forward to connecting with you over the next few months. Stay safe and remember that God has everything in his hands.

When is my child ready for camp?

This is a question that I'm sure nearly every parent has asked as they sign their child up for camp. I truly wish I had a good answer for it. All I have are experiences of seeing homesickness hit nearly every age imaginable (including my adult staff!). I can tell you this - and it surprises a lot of folks. The age where homesickness is the most severe - most unsolvable is our Trail Blazer age (campers going into grades 5-7). Strange, right? We chalk that up to families who worry that their child isn't ready in the elementary years and then send them for the first time when they may have little experience sleeping away from home.  Though there may not be the perfect age to start camp - the earlier a child can get into camp, the greater experience they have building independence, resilience, and confidence to succeed. A bit of a disclaimer as you read through the indicators : 5 to 8 year old do not have to have mastered these skills listed below before they come to camp