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Tough Camper Run!

There's a new thing happening this spring at Camp Evergreen. For the first time ever - we are doing an obstacle race called the Tough Camper Run . This race will be the first of its kind here at Evergreen and will raise money for our camp programs. The race is being designed so that families, individuals, and youth groups can race together in a fun new way. Teams are encouraged to dress up in a theme (like bumblebees, unicorns, or something even crazier) and race to see lives transformed! Each racer is encouraged to raise $200 each in pledges for the race. That can seem like a lot - but kids are really good at raising money...especially when they dress up. Who can say no to a 5 year old dressed as a bumblebee? Our goal for this fundraiser is $25,000. Prizes will be given for Top Fundraiser in each category, Best Dressed, and more! Here's the skinny about the race: 1km - 3km - 5km Distance Options with an obstacle area containing 8-9 obstacles in each distance. Obsta

We need your help!

PC: Tammy Hanratty Every spring and summer, we hire countless staff to lead groups, schools, clubs, and summer campers through our programs. These young adult staff, many who attend Bible colleges and universities across our country, make significant sacrifices when they decide to work at camp. They make the choice to work for less to do amazing Kingdom work.  One of the things that helps us hire and pay some of these college and university students are Summer Grants. Every year that I have worked at camp (seasonally and full-time), we have received atleast two summer grants. These grants are specifically for staff who are currently students and are intending to return to school in fall.  The government is pretty flexible with these grants allowing us to make some minor changes after we've received them.  Students from Bible School are eligible.  University and Community College are also eligible.  Last year we received seven grants totaling just over $30,000.  Camp Everg

WinterFest Family Camp and Fun to Come

Nearly two weeks ago we concluded our WinterFest Family Camp. It was a raving success and we're already hearing families talk about who they will be inviting next year. We're excited to see this camp grow like our two summer family camps. There are a lot of people who wonder what there is to do out here in the winter. Well - let me tell you... Wagon Rides, Trail Rides, Snowshoeing, Jug 'n' Jog, ice skating, hockey, Red Neck Curling, Snowsculptures, archery, zipline, crafts, and more and more and more. Evergreen in the winter has its very own magic - besides who doesn't want some hot chocolate and cookies fresh from our  gator while they're waiting to ride the zipline?! We invited our families to join our Winter Family Olympics. They had their very own "coaches" and competed in a number of different kids of events including Snowsculptures, Red Neck Curling, Giant Dutch Blitz, Jug 'n' Jog. Medals were given out, trophies were won, and it