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Farewell Geico

This week is a little bit different of a blog post than our regular-scheduled ones. Today we want to take some time to say thanks to one of our Permanent Staff members who has moved on from camp this fall. Taylor Jenkins came to Evergreen five and a half years ago from Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island. I picked her up at the end of April 2011. I don't think either of us really thought that season would turn into five and a half years. It was pitch black and even when it's light out - driving to camp can seem like you're driving into the middle of no where. It took some time to get Taylor settled at camp. The Foothills of Alberta is a very different landscape than the Georgia Strait and large ocean of BC. Probably the hardest thing for Taylor to get used to was our freezing temperatures...which weren't necessarily freezing all the time but I don't think her winter jackets ever got packed away. It was only recently when she saw me pull two rubbermaids out of my sh

Summer 2017 Dates!

Can you even believe it's October 15th?!? Can you even believe that we're only two and a half months away from opening Summer Camp Registration?!? That's nuts! But we know you've been just WAITING to start planning your summer. So here it is... Your 2017 Summer Camp Dates: Registration on all Children and Youth Camps opens on January 3rd, 2017. Registration for our two Family Camps opens on February 2nd, 2017. Information on each camp, the rates, and dates will all be available on our Website. .: Jogee :.

Being Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our Evergreeners out there! We had a quiet weekend here on site - the first weekend since mid-January where we had no guest groups or camp events running on the weekend. It was a little eerie to step out of my home on Saturday and Sunday morning and hear no meal bells, no Willsonball, no activity on site. There are a lot things that we're very, very thankful for as we look into the coming months. As winter begins, we officially close out our very busy 2016 season and start preparing to launch dates, registration, and our 2017 season. We saw some pretty amazing things happen this summer. Here are some pretty cool numbers from this last summer: We charged into summer with 45 staff. 33 additional volunteers joined us for at least one week of the summer, helping in the kitchen, on maintenance, or on Program. We can't do what we do without all of these staff and volunteers. 1,055 campers came through our summer camp programs in July and August. 20

Rise Up 2016

Now...who does this remind you of? Usain Bolt's grin perhaps? It was another great weekend at camp for our annual Sr. High retreat. The small but mighty retreat saw youth from Linden and Calgary get challenged from the Word by Brennen Dyck (Dalhousie Church, Calgary). The weather behaved...mostly. It rained while we were inside and the sun actually came out while we were outside. Basically - if it doesn't snow on Rise Up weekend we're pretty happy. As always, Jug 'n' Jog seemed to be the highlight of the weekend as students battled for the Kings of the Field. I still don't know how people can play barefooted in single digit weather. :S We did our best to incorporate Puzzles (our new donkey) into the game by calling a prison break when he would make his donkey sounds. We're not sure if this will continue to be the case but it certainly worked on Saturday. Chapels were challenging and busy with conversation. Brennen spoke to us