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cabin fever!, pt. 3

I know! You're dying to know where we're at with building the first cabin! The first layer of the roof is in place and the cabin has been wrapped in Tyvec. (I'm learning all sorts of things, like what Tyvec is.) The tin for the roof is on order and willing arriving late next week and the windows are awaiting pick up at Wild's Home Hardware. We won't be doing the final layer of siding (which will match the outdoor bathrooms) till the spring: we'll do all the cabins at once. We're planning to get the tin on the roof next week, before the Christmas banquet. I'm excited about that step! The green tin is so pretty, I think. (If you've been here, it's on the lodge, Cabin 15, the outside of the Activity Centre and the roof of the Welcome Centre.) Top Left: Kevin and Richard survey the cabin, before getting started for the day. Top Right: Erin and Emily are wildly excited to spend the day with the building crew. Bottom Right: Richard peeks out o

cake is better than pie.

In October, a debate raged about the virtues of pie versus cake. Cake won. On the left, Allison is pleased to be crowned winner while Chad sorrowfully contemplates his loss. On the right, proof is in the pudding, by which I mean cake.

snow is falling! (christmas banquet is coming!)

We woke up to a light cover of snow today; I was so excited. As much as I appreciate the slippery-free roads, it just feels to wrong to be without snow in November. (Plus, I've been listening to Christmas music, on and off, since late October ...) Anyway, the actual point of this post is to tell you that Julia and Colleen are prepping for our Christmas Banquet at this very minute! Colleen's office is turning into a miniature winter wonderland, sprinkled with gigantically oversized snowflakes. Now that we're talking Christmas, my uncontestably favourite Christmas album of all time is A Christmas Album by Amy Grant. I love it. And I just found this gem on YouTube (apologies for the poor sound):

cabin fever!, pt. 2

Cabin building is continuing -- the guys will be out tomorrow again to work on the sheeting. I thought I'd share a little "three days of progress" video with you.

the uprising - november 6-8, 2009

Troy Taylor. BCBU. Simon Hoskyn. Dutch Blitz, trail rides, inductive Bible Study, cinnamon buns, new tee-shirts, new friends, old friends. The Uprising is our College & Careers retreat -- we had about 40 retreaters and volunteerers and musicalplayers here for two nights and it was great fun! Troy Taylor, our speaker, is the IVCF staff at the University of Lethbridge. He spoke about what it means to stand for Christ, using Paul's conversations with the people of Athens in Acts 17 , as a model. We talked about providing an applicable and appropriate response to others' questions and situations; we talked about trustiworthiness (note to self - telling Courtney that rugby isn't a real sport is a quick way to lose her trust); we talked about what it means to be compelling by believing what we say and drawing people into the next step; and about giving honour to where people are at. Stand up! "Find places where your great joy intersects with the world's