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...we needed to take a breather...

Haven't you ever felt like that? Like you needed to take a moment and just breathe? That's what this last week has been for us - a big ol' deep breath after Impact. We've been so busy taking that deep breath that we weren't able to get the blog update about Impact up. Have no fear! We're back and will be posting on a (nearly) weekly basis. Impact was a great week. It's such a fun way to end the summer for our staff - also - I don't know how our staff would survive another week after the crazy night programming each day. We had two night games, a drive in movie night, a worship night and then topped it all off with our annual skit night, Homemade Jam. The week was full of shinanigans (in the best way possible) and it was a great group of kids which just makes the week for staff and camper alike. The weather behaved for about half the week...we got BEAUTIFUL weather for our creek party and field BBQ day and then it got rainy...and then it got really

Wha'sup Peeps!

  This is the part where you would answer..."Wha'sup Jogee"! Wowzers! Was it hot this last week or what?!? The sun was out in an extreme way this week as temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday hit 30+. We're pretty thankful on those days to have the creek and lots of trees to keep us cool.  Our Ignite camp this week wsday night we talked about how our God isn't a little man-made idol but how God (big G - remember?) is the all-powerful invisible God who created the world, who sent His son to die on the cross for our sins and conquered deathas full of energy, tackling each game with enthusiasm and glee. I also have to say that the competition this week between the Caravans and for Cleanest Cabin was off the charts. Our Interns also celebrated their last week of their programs. Six weeks they've been here learning how to be Camp Evergreen Staff. Working as Cabin Leaders, Barn Staff, A/V Staff, or A Team - they have grown and been stretched throughout

Little but Mighty

Sparks is one of the favourite weeks here. So many little people running around and having the time of their life. For me it's special because a couple years ago I knew a little boy that was the same age as our Sparks who kept asking his parents about this man Jesus that he was learning about and God, the Father who created the Earth. His parents, wanting to engage in conversation with their 5 year son decided each to take an Alpha Course to learn more themselves. Less than a year later - both parents became Christians and were baptized. I love the honesty and curiosity of the Sparks. How they say what they think and have such a keen mind for remembering. They love to adventure and play games. THAT'S what makes Sparks Week so cool. Our Speaker for the week was Brooke from Red Deer. She told exciting stories about Joshua, Gideon, Jonah, and finally Jesus who came to save us. Check out some of the shinanigans from the week:   We're about to start