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ignite 2, august 10-15

Ignite 2, our second junior high-aged camp for the summer, ran from August 10-15. (I write that and think, "I need to come up with snappier introductory sentences ... did I learn nothing in university?") Travis Padgham, our speaker, was my youth pastor so I definitely had many flashbacks to grade ten. Good times. Travis talked about a bunch of stuff over the course of the week, including the armour of God (Ephesians 6:10-20) and David and Goliath. To demonstrate just how gigantic Goliath probably was, our kind, hardworking Assistant Maintenance man Colter (he's 6'7" in his bare feet), bravely clomped around the Activity Centre on a pair of drywalling stilts ... which made him 9'1"! It was craziness! Here are some of the sweet things that campers shared at fireside on Friday night: "I learned that even at the times when I feel alone, I'm not because God is with me." "So what I'm thinking is that I have some pieces of armou

explorers&sparks 2, august 5-8

I am very much remiss in my blogging; I apologize. Explorers & Sparks 2 ran from August 5-8 and Jenny Chell spoke. Jenny talked about how God loves us in a never-ending, can't-escape-it, bigger-than-we-can-imagine way. At the beginning of the week, the skies were bleak and gray and it looked like we were in for a coooold week. Thankfully, it didn't last: we saw sunshine; we got to wear our shorts and tee-shirts! There was even an enormous water fight at the end of the week! There were just too many cute photos from Explorers & Sparks 2! Fun at the Barn And at the Climbing Wall ... Playing Field Games (Apparently shots of Alex at Jug 'n Jog are standards ...) And so much more ...