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The Saga of Willson continues...

It's not over. Not even close. Shortly after Sir Willson ManCave's epic adventures were chronicled by the Men of Evergreen...this note and picture showed up at the Welcome Centre: IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT REGARDING WILSON In the form of a note received earlier today - ...and so, this strangely beloved Willson-creature has indeed fallen into the hands of the one evil lord capable of his destruction. But, this weirdo lord, unbeknownst to all but his closest minions, is secretly a master of 'both' the riddles of iron, the mysteries of the healing of all things dead, and micro-e lectronics - an "iron doctor" ... one could say. Alas, one day this "Iron Doctor" was advised and bewitched, through means of strong coffee, by his friend and peer, a maiden of iron curiously known by those who love her as Jogee? ...Jogee? Anyway, Jogee encouraged the doctor to "lighten-up" and now the doctor has oddly taken pity upon

Dispelling the myth of Willson

--> The Life and Times of Sir Willson ManCave K2 demonstrating the Willson ManCave Warm Up As told by The Real Men of Evergreen Willson was a real Caribou, a majestic Caribou, in fact. He once roamed the wild, but was killed in a tragic hunting accident…the body was never recovered, but his head was… The real story begins with Dalhousie Youth Group. During a photo scavenger hunt, Willson was found by Dalhousie out behind the Maintenance Shop. After being used in many pranks, Willson decided it was time to settle down. After a short lived time of glory, he was forgotten, and some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend, legend became myth, and for 3 months, Willson passed out of all knowledge. But something happened to Willson that he did not expect. He was picked up by the most unlikely creature imaginable: a Human, John Toews (The Distraction...a.k.a. Dishrack), formerly of Dalhousie. After being found, John took Willson to t

If only pictures could smell.......

 Well it was bound to happen sooner or later.  October 3rd 2013 will be forever known, not only as Rangers birthday, but the day Scamp met Mr. or Mrs. Skunk!  The morning went well.  We had the usual guest groups on site.  Scamp was busy running from group to group getting his "fix" of love.  We went in for lunch - a good lunch by the way - (just a quick side note here, Ranger was surprised at the number of young guests who had peas with their lunch - which also reminds us of an ice fishing joke.....) and when we came back out - Pee-u.  Scamp, our cute little Scamp somehow met a skunk at lunch and the lovin came to a quick and complete end!  He couldn't understand why the kids who showed him so much love before lunch, didn't show him any after lunch. What to do?  The thought of leaving him outside for the next three weeks was complicated by the cold fall nights.  Trying to ignore him was not working either, so we Googled skunk and dog.  There are a lot of sugges