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storm! storm! storm!

If you live in Southern Alberta, I'm sure you already know about the wild storm that went through on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Here at Evergreen, I'm pretty sure we got more snow in those 24 hours than we'd had all winter. We also went without power or water for 24 hours, almost to the minute. It was a big adventure (we're still in recovery mode). In some ways, the storm was not ideal. The worst part is that we were supposed to have two groups in this weekend and we've had to change those bookings. I feel awful about it, even though there's nothing we can do. Even today, with the sun shining and the snow melting, the 3 km of gravel road that lead into the camp are pretty much impassable without a 4-wheel drive and a lot of our activity sites are swamped under the heavy, wet snow. We're so sorry, groups! The other big challenge, due to the power outage, was that our phone lines didn't work and we couldn't do much for office work.

settlers of cataan: the dalhousie fundraiser version.

This is a very belated blog post. I'm sorry, Dalhousie! Our friends at Dalhousie Community Church , in NW Calgary, ran a super awesome Settlers of Cataan tournament recently, as a fundraiser for our Cabin Fever! project. They raised an impressive $500 and had oodles and oodles of fun! Much love and gratitude!

ladies' retreat ... hanging out with robin! (post #4)

Again with the excessive number of photos. Here's the deal: I range from totally snap happy to totally neglectful of taking photographs. This weekend, I was all about the picture taking.

ladies' retreat was full of fun things! (post #3)

We did a whole lot of things at Ladies' Retreat besides excessive ziplining. Check it out, y'all! Kim, Bethany and Jenny engaged in exuberant archery (left); Robin had some fun in the remaining snow (right). Fun, fun, fun in cooking class with Ken (left); fun, fun, fun scrap-booking with Rachel (right). We went on trail rides (left); we went on walks (right). It was SO NICE OUT! Sarah, Leanne, Krista, Nathan (who is man, yes, and was technically there as a volunteer), Kim, Diana and Bethany played violent Dutch Blitz (left); Shelley, Janelle, Heather and Sharon pretended to be sedate Dutch Blitz players but I'm telling you ... they were not sedate (right). Sharon, Lisa, Jenn, Dorothy and Colleen played the letter game with the bananas (left); Sandy and Evelyn reconnected ... so fun! (right). Trina & Rachel (left) and Krista & Nathan (right) were among our AMAZING volunteers.

ladies' retreat at the zipline! (post #2)

The ever popular zipline got a workout this weekend! Courtney and Emily had it open for the entire afternoon and the line up didn't fade. I got a little carried away with the ziplining photos.