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cabins & community spirit.

As I noted in my last Cabin Fever! post, our new cabins are costing about $50,000 each. That means the Cabin Fever! project, when all is said and done, will come in at about $600,000: a lot of money. We've been so blessed by businesses who have worked with us to give us the best possible prices (e.g., Wild's Home Hardware in Sundre). We have a great contractor (Dale Erickson Carpentry). We have great donors ... like you, perhaps! We also want to acknowledge the generous support of the Government of Alberta, through its Community Spirit Program . We were thrilled to receive a $25,000 Community Spirit Program Donation Grant in 2011. From the CSP website: The donation grant provides an opportunity for eligible non-profit and/or charitable organizations to receive a provincial grant. The grant is based on total annual cash donations from individual Albertans that have been received by an eligible organization over a 12-month fiscal period. The grant can be used to support an

cabins, cabins, cabins: insulation and interior walls

The cabins are progressing nicely, guys! As you may recall, we're working on two of the new cabins right now. We're still on track to have them finished by Christmas time. Wouldn't that be amazing? Today, I'm going to show you pictures (by Colter) of the insides of cabin 1. The insulation went in a bit ago, then Dave, Ken and Emily painted the ceilings. Now Robert and Colter are finishing up on the tongue-in-groove inside walls. It looks amazing! (And amazing is our word of the day.) With all that insulation and thick, sealed, insulated floors without cracks or crevices or peepholes to the dirt beneath the cabin ... man, these are going to be cozy cabins! INSULATE! The walls are in, around the sleeping area. That doorway on the left of the picture is a sliding door that locks in an open or closed position (as in, the maintenance crew will have keys, but kids, cabin leaders and guests won't be able to open or close the door), making the cabin more flexible for