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Pond Hockey is Coming!

With snow in the forecast - I thought it would be fitting to start talking about Pond Hockey! It's only a mere three and a half months away! And though it might be something to get excited about the hockey magic that happens on that day - are we ready for winter to begin...probably not but that's not going to stop me from getting us ready for POND HOCKEY!! Pond Hockey is our biggest fundraiser and we're excited to tell you that we want to hit $45,000 in January 2017. That means we need 10 teams who are willing to raise, play, and score big for Camp! Our Pond Hockey Tournament is set for January 13-14, 2017! Pond Hockey isn't just a day for players. It's fun for the whole family. Spectators are Free ! How can you say no to that?! We've got wagon rides, a kids' skate, and games ready for everyone who comes out for the day. There will be a Silent Auction table and prizes for the winners of the tournament and the most coveted prize - Top Fundraisin

Meet our International Staff!

Hi folks! Thanks for checking in! Camp has just been hopping for the last couple of weeks. September is our busiest rental month of the year seeing nearly 1100 people through our site. Isn't that crazy? We'll get back to blogging pretty regularily now but it almost always seems like we need to take a step back from the GreenSpot in September to take a deep breath. The beginning of September also means that we see our new generation of Germans through and this year we've expanded to see a staff member from Ireland and one from New Zealand. It's been so much fun to hear all of the fun accents amongst our staff. We wanted to introduce you to all of them in a fun way so here's a bit of an introduction to our six internationals: German Generation #5 - Left to right: Julian, Jonas, Sophie, Franca, Marina Left to right: Emily (New Zealand) and Shauna (Ireland) I (Jogee) asked each of the staff questions about their impressions of Canada, what they

Family Camp - An Evergreen Favourite

There are very few better ways to finish off a summer camp season than Family Camp. We love Family Camp here at Evergreen. The schedule is relaxed and it's super fun to engage with kids and parents in our activities and games. The weather held - it was cold(er) than we would have liked but hey - it didn't snow like it did in 2015 - right? So things were looking up right from the beginning. Ruth Peters joined us as the speaker this last weekend and engaged our community by doing a fort building exercise. It was hilarious to watch the different families run to their cabins to pull their mattresses out to make their fort bigger and better. We want to thank all of our volunteers and families that joined us on the Labour Day weekend. It was a fantastic mix of new families and returning families and our staff and volunteers, as usual, pulled out all of the stops. Family Photos was a really fun addition to the schedule this year. And seriously - if you thought Jug 'n

What's shaking at Evergreen?

Summer camp is over (not that any of us needed THAT reminder as our kidlets are all back in school and the camp has started filling up with Guest Groups) and that means we shift into a totally different gear. How fitting is it that the leaves seemed to have changed with the summer coming to a close. It's getting a little too yellow out there (and a little too early for this bear). You'll see a couple things change with our seasonal shift. There are events coming up. These are things that we want you marking on your calendars...things that you should be aware of that are very nearly just around the corner. Because...Summer 2017 Registration opens in just under FOUR months. Crazy, isn't it! You can keep your eyes peeled for our 2017 dates to be announced mid-October. Don't get too crazy...registration will not open until the beginning of January 2017. September is filled with a bunch of Camper Connection Days. You might be wondering what these days are all about. Th