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The Evergreen Family

11 hours in a van with these three. Oh. My. Lanta. I'm writing this to you from the west coast where Ranger, Beaver, and myself have traveled to Abbotsford to connect with our staff at Columbia Bible College and to see if there might be some new students that may be interested in coming to camp to work for the spring and summer. It's always so much fun to watch these young people grow as adults and in their relationship with God. To watch them dig deeper into what it means to be a Christian in a world that is rapidly changing. Each of these staff members mean so much to us at camp - whether they started attending when they were five years old, worked one summer or seven (right Sho and Sarah?), each one, in their own way, becomes one of my kids. From attending weddings, graduations, to farewells at the airport as they leave on full-time missions - we love having them be part of our Evergreen family. I always enjoy meeting one of our alumnus and listening to their ow

I'm building a submarine today, how about you?

"After dishes I'm building the submarine. What are you scheduled on today?" I think there's a lot of things that make camp a unique place. One of them might be the funny things that you hear on a day to day basis. Oh, camp.  Where would we be without you? I've been at a number of different Bible Colleges over the last week and head out to Abbotsford to spend some time at Columbia Bible College next week. We're looking for students who are willing to do something life changing with their summer. When I was at Prairie Bible Institute last week, one of the Professors allowed the camp directors into his Youth Ministry class to share some stories about life transformation at camp. It's always very exciting this to sit around and share how God is moving, not only at Evergreen, but at camps from Vancouver Island to Manitoba. Thousands upon thousands of kids are hearing the Gospel and turning towards Jesus. There are studies ( Hemorrhaging Faith, 2


If you were anywhere close to our two hockey rinks this last Saturday - you would have heard this floating through the trees. Between our play-by-play announcer, David Song and our Colour Commentator, Bob Kroeker - the atmosphere at our Pond Hockey Fundraiser is one of a kind. This was our eighth annual Pond Hockey Tournament and Fundraiser. Each year we're humbled by the generosity of the teams and people who are connected with Evergreen. We love putting on an event that so aptly fits why we do what we do. Coming together to do something important and having a blast while doing it. Really, it's what camp is all about. Father and Son having a bit of fun! Teams fundraised just over $24,000 and our Silent Auction brought in nearly $5000. Bringing us to a total just under $30,000. Again, we're so thankful and humbled by the generosity of our players, friends, and family of Evergreen. We were joined by teams from Edmonton, Linden,

20 Reasons You Should Work at Camp!

With Summer Camp Registrations launching this last week, there's one other thing on our minds. Staff. We are looking for some crazy (in a good way), ridiculous, fun, Christ-loving staff to love on and hang out with kids this Spring and Summer. I started working at camp back in 1999. But I knew YEARS before, when I was still a camper, that I wanted to work at camp. I wanted to be a camp counselor. I wanted to be crazy and fun and dress up ridiculously. I had a deep desire to tell every kid at camp that they were special and that God loved them. People always ask me why I work (or keep working) at camp. Not much has changed since I was that young kid. I still find myself being crazy, getting excited to lead campfire songs, and finding costumes for theme meals. More than that - and more than EVER, I want to make sure every person that comes through Evergreen knows that they are loved and that God loves them. I'm a pretty firm believer in every person spending AT LEAST one summ