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winter is here

wow. it's definetely winter here. what is it? like -30 or something ridiculous like that. brutal! koda says merry christmas and stay warm! this is going to be short because i really, really want to stress how important it is to get ALL your families out here for December 9th! It's called An Evergreen Christmas and it starts at 1pm and goes until about 7pm. There's sleigh rides (as long as we have snow), cookie decorating, a few crafts, skating, fellowship, some ponyrides, hot chocolate, and a hot dog roast at 5:30pm. please phone the camp's main office (found on the camp's main site) to tell us that you're coming! see you there! cort

a Father's tear

my child, my child, why do you follow the world? why do you listen to hurtful words? why don't you trust? come to me, child. let me comfort you and cover you with my wings. let me protect you. i want to help you. i know your pain. i know your hurt. i have caught your tears in my hands. oh, that you would give me your heart, broken as it is... that i may heal you and give you peace. don't you remember? i told you that i would never leave you. my precious, precious child. will you ever understand and know how much i love you. i love you. please believe that you are never alone. i will hold you up when you cannot stand. you are mine and i love you. don't you believe me? i love you. hear my voice, listen to my voice. you are not alone, i will never leave you. i want to show you my world. i want to show you the plans that I have for you. i want to have a relationship with you. i want the best for you. my child, my child, why do you follow the world? why

breaking ground

hey everybody, i hope that this finds you well. you may think to yourself that this picture doesn't resemble camp right now (well it may if the +12 degrees weather continues) but i like to put these pretty pics on to remind myself how nice spring, summer, and fall are around here. actually, to be honest - if we had 10 feet of snow and it could stay in the -10 to +10 range i would love winter. it's the -10 to -40 span that kills me. this is the point at which you're allowed to tell me to suck it up princess. suck it up princess much better. well there's other things that are shakin' at camp these days. we have started making ground (making? uh, i mean breaking) on our new office building (all the adults call it the Administrative Building or "Welcome Center". it will be right next to the parking lot and it will be where you register for camps and retreats...that's where my office will be and where you would find Esther and Rick and all the other peo

the kry

the troublemakers, the ones who break stuff , getting discouraged. feels like we are struggling ... pray that God moves. whatever is holding some people broken down a lot of pride sucking the life we have thrown our passion and love into... giving all we had absorbed in the worship blank stares lifeless we stepped it up really blank looks i'm worried just pray about... anything really. :::thoughts taken from Tracey Krahn::: hey! sorry - it's been a little while since i've blogged. life gets kinda crazy here sometimes. i've been wanting to publish this poem for some time, i've just never gotten around to it until now. poetry is an amazing thing in that it's never wrong. i started writing poetry when i was in about grade 7. i mostly just wanted to write something inspiring or just be able to write something that only made sense to me yet regarded as a "written work"...that may or may not make sense to some. you can't be told that your poem sucks