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Hello Fall!

We've been waiting for Fall for what seems like nearly two months now. After three weeks of snowy weather - it feels long past due. I had many days where if I thought hard enough - imagined vividly enough, I could pretend that it was April and summer was only three months away. Alas - it is not April and Summer 2019 is still a solid eight months away. In the next week, we will be transitioning from our Fall Staff to our Winter Staff. We will say goodbye to at least half of our Seasonal Team and enter into a short  point in our year where we are all able to take a bit of a deep breath. We're still working hard to get ready for 2019: Guest Groups are still coming and going, Summer registration webforms are being updated, the website is going under construction, and events happening early on in 2019 are getting designed. Even so - there is a few moments where we're able to just...breathe... One of my less than secret things that I love to do this time of year is to g