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The Family Meltdown

well, it's steph again and i am here with loads of info on many things :). first off, despite popular opinion, I am not courtney's sister nor any other relation to her. i am merley her intern. in other words, i am the person that does all courtney's work (just kidding!) i am actually learning to do her job, and all that she does all year long. it's pretty interesting. i also have news on the Family Meltdown last weekend. it was a great weekend filled with fun in the...snow. the weather was beautiful (i love the snow!), and the activites were a blast. there were trail rides led by our fearle ss head wrangler, Jon. (he's the guy in the front with the hat in the picture on the left) he does an incredible job with the horses and helping out around the camp. i'm pretty sure everyone had a good time, i mean who couldn't, riding a horse on a nice, warm winter day surrounded by loads and loads of snow? well a close second would be the sleigh ride that happened in t

winter, winter, please melt away

i love this weather. it's fabulous. the temperature went from like -25 (or something like that) to -3 today. lovely lovely lovely. I'm very, very excited about it. and guess what - this weekend which is our FAMILY DAY MELTDOWN (feb. 16-19) it's going to actually be melty...a balmy +8 degrees. AWESOME. there's still room if you want to get your family out here !! there's going to be tons of skating, tobogganing, snowman making, sleigh rides, a sweet speaker from Highland MB in Calgary, and an amazing band from Coaldale MB (yahoo!). so don't miss out...if your family doesn't have anything planned for the family day long weekend get yourselves out here for a great time of fellowship, family time, great food, music, speakers, and more fun than we could wrap up and send to you. And probably the best weather a person could ask for in winter. WAHOO! other than that...i'm a couple steps closer to having all the speakers in the summer booked. this is who we have

home, home on the range...i mean camp evergreen

hey - here's the new digs at camp evergreen. the building is getting its face put on. it's lookin' so very very good. i think it's been snowing for about 5 days straight. so what we've been lacking in snow for the last three months is definetely back with a vengence. i get emails from one of our campers alyssa, and she's started a countdown of days until camp starts. i think we're on 186 days. wow. that's only about 4.5 months. AHHHH! I'm pretty pumped. almost all the speakers are found and we're starting to hire staff. it's all starting to feel like summer...minus the snow...and cold weather...and well - okay it's not feeling like summer but maybe i can start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. rock on my little evergreeners, rock on. cort

snow snow snow

i really have to say that i dislike snow. but i'm sure you've all heard that song before. it's cort reporting here. i'll try and get steph and maybe a couple of the other staff to update so that you can get to know more than just me. it's currently snowing. i'm looking out of the program window ( i have to look over and beyone this weird plant in my office that sits ontop of my computer tower...i can't seem to figure out if it's dying or thriving...). the snow is really light and wispy (as much as snow can be wispy) but the really beautiful thing is that the trees are all coated with this thick blanket of snow. they seem to droop with the weight of it all. and even if it's not actually seems that way. silent...maybe even peaceful. i hope that you're all doing well. life is starting to pick up again here. retreats are the flavour of the season. we have a ladies retreat on feb. 9-11 (tell you mom), a family camp on feb. 16-19 (get your