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spring staff are about to arrive!

It's April 28. That means it's almost May 1 (duh) and May 1 is when our Spring Staff arrive. Seriously: how did the last year pass by so quickly? In 2010, we had just ONE new staff member on our spring staff team (pictured); everyone else had been around Evergreen for at least a couple of years. (We're super excited that that one new staff member will be back as an old hand this year. Yeah, Becca !) I bring that up because our spring staff team in 2011 features a whole bunch of new faces: it's always fun when our family grows, right? Some of our team is totally new to Evergreen (Abby, Kathrin and Taylor). Some of the team is new to spring at Evergreen (Chelsea, Erin, Reilly and Stephanie). And we have still have solid representation from the old hands (Becca L., Becca M., Cody, Colter, Emily, Jasper, Julia, Luke and Sarah). We are super excited for everyone to arrive on Sunday & Monday. We'll spend a week together, training: some people will be trained

Ken's Granola Bars

Ahh, the swhoosh, swish of skates on ice, the crack of the stick against the puck, the pass, the tip, he shots he scores!!! The spectators go crazy!! What a game, what an event, what a granola bar!!! Whoa, back up here, weren't we just talking about hockey? A little. Recently, like back in January, we at Camp Evergreen hosted our Second Annual 3-on-3 Pond Hockey Tournament. It was a roaring success. Especially the granola bars. From a kitchen perspective, events are a success when people like the food. And the granola bars were well received. “Granola Bars ROCK!!” and “Granola bars rocked” [Kerry has to enter the dialogue here to apologize for the fact that we didn't take even one picture of the granola bars. Ooooops. I'll include a picture of Dave being a human zamboni instead. But if we had a picture of the granola bars, you'd be saying ...] It just makes you want to run to the kitchen and make a batch. Ok, team, lets do it!! Camp Evergreen's Secret