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God First, Safety Second...

Greetings !!! it feels like its been an eternity since this blog was updated. It's luKe updating, again in case you were worried that I was a made up for a giant April fools joke... Much has transpired since I last wrote. People have left camp to pursue other dreams, snow has fallen, moose have eaten the bark of several of our trees, birthdays celebrated, butter tarts eaten and NEW PEOPLE HAVE COME!!! God has provided several new staff for us to get to know, cry and laugh with and become fantastic friends...with. There are; in no particular order; Ashley Schellenberg ;- also called 'schberg' (for obvious reasons) - Part of the program team for the summer. She has some Bible College education under her belt. Julia The Wall ;- she got her nickname because she wont tell us her middle name, and because there was a pressing need to tell have one of the Julia's with a nick name... fresh out of Bible college and ready and excited to teach kids about Our Lord Jesus. Kayla Whitn