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here's to 2006

merry christmas evergreeners! i comes to me this 28th day of december that we are closing out another year. and it's been a great year. retreats and camps and guests groups alike fade away with the calenders and christmas decorations as we head into another year. ahhhhhh. i however - don't really find that much changes. just a number at the end of 2006. but it has been a good 365 days. some of our staff positions have changed, we had 60 great staff members to compliment a fantastic summer, AND we going to have a new building by May on site (pictures to come in the new year). our camper brochures will be done and out in January, i've got the speakers for over half our summer camps and almost all the 2007 retreat speakers booked, AND we even have our t-shirt design figured out for the summer but's top secret. so december 2007 doesn't even seem that far away and we haven't even started it yet. let me know some of your resolutions (if you are in the habit …

progress & peace

here's the latest picture of the office building that is materializing out of thin air (not really thin...maybe just cold). there's some pretty dedicated and awesome guys working on this building and while i don't think i could successfully name them all there's a bunch from Gem AB and some from Calgary. thank you soooooo much for all your hard work (in some pretty frigid temperatures too!). the other thing i wanted to say was that if you're planning on coming out here for Dec. 9th make sure that you contact the office and tell us what you're planning. the other thing is this: BRING YOUR OWN SLEDDING EQUIPMENT! we don't have much ofr sledding gear and unless you want to be going down on garbage bags, i suggest that you bring your own. but let's talk about something else a little more interesting. I was at church on sunday and of course it's advent. the candle that we lit this last week was peace. it was totally cool to sit around and talk about what p…

winter is here


it's definetely winter here. what is it? like -30 or something ridiculous like that. brutal! koda says merry christmas and stay warm!

this is going to be short because i really, really want to stress how important it is to get ALL your families out here for December 9th! It's called An Evergreen Christmas and it starts at 1pm and goes until about 7pm. There's sleigh rides (as long as we have snow), cookie decorating, a few crafts, skating, fellowship, some ponyrides, hot chocolate, and a hot dog roast at 5:30pm.

please phone the camp's main office (found on the camp's main site) to tell us that you're coming!

see you there!

a Father's tear

my child, my child,
why do you follow the world?
why do you listen to hurtful words?
why don't you trust?
come to me, child. let me comfort you and cover you with my wings. let me protect you. i want to help you.
i know your pain. i know your hurt. i have caught your tears in my hands.
oh, that you would give me your heart, broken as it is... that i may heal you and give you peace.
don't you remember? i told you that i would never leave you. my precious, precious child. will you ever understand and know how much i love you.
i love you.
please believe that you are never alone. i will hold you up when you cannot stand. you are mine and i love you. don't you believe me? i love you.
hear my voice, listen to my voice. you are not alone, i will never leave you.
i want to show you my world. i want to show you the plans that I have for you. i want to have a relationship with you. i want the best for you.
my child, my child,
why do you follow the world?
why do you listen to hurtful words?
will you never…

breaking ground

hey everybody,
i hope that this finds you well. you may think to yourself that this picture doesn't resemble camp right now (well it may if the +12 degrees weather continues) but i like to put these pretty pics on to remind myself how nice spring, summer, and fall are around here. actually, to be honest - if we had 10 feet of snow and it could stay in the -10 to +10 range i would love winter. it's the -10 to -40 span that kills me. this is the point at which you're allowed to tell me to suck it up princess.
suck it up princess
muchbetter. well there's other things that are shakin' at camp these days. we have started making ground (making? uh, i mean breaking) on our new office building (all the adults call it the Administrative Building or "Welcome Center". it will be right next to the parking lot and it will be where you register for camps and retreats...that's where my office will be and where you would find Esther and Rick and all the other people. i…

the kry

the troublemakers,
the ones who break stuff ,
getting discouraged.
feels like we are struggling ...
pray that God moves.
whatever is holding some people
broken down
a lot of pride
sucking the life
we have thrown our passion and love into...
giving all we had
absorbed in the worship
blank stares
we stepped it up
really blank looks
i'm worried
just pray about...
anything really.

:::thoughts taken from Tracey Krahn:::

hey! sorry - it's been a little while since i've blogged. life gets kinda crazy here sometimes. i've been wanting to publish this poem for some time, i've just never gotten around to it until now. poetry is an amazing thing in that it's never wrong. i started writing poetry when i was in about grade 7. i mostly just wanted to write something inspiring or just be able to write something that only made sense to me yet regarded as a "written work"...that may or may not make sense to some. you can't be told that your poem sucks or that's it's …

merry christmas!!!

or something like that. i guess it's not christmas yet - we don't even have snow yet. mind you, the skies are sure threatening to let loose. i love the excitement of Jesus' birth and all that - the carols, the food, etc... but there is a part of christmas that has always been hard for me and i'll tell you why. here's a little peak into c-bear's life...things that maybe you didn't know about the crazy and weird program director...

when i was in grade 5 my parents split up, they divorsed in grade 6, my mom got remarried when i was in grade 7 and my dad got remarried when i was in grade 8. four years of complete chaos for me. most special occasions or holidays got divied up between my family members. so my mom would get christmas and my dad would get us (my bro and sis) for new years. so we would always spend holidays and special days like thanksgiving at the alternate parents' house. it was always somebody else's "turn" to have us. so it wa…

brrrrrr - c-bear hates winter

well the temperature doesn't look like it's going up anymore. i think that we have one day this next week that is double digits. YUCK. i am not looking forward to dealing with icy roads and snow. i just like to think about the YA HA TINDA (which is where we do our Adventure Camps - see the picture above...that's Big Horn Creek). i love the green grass and even drip drip drop. drip drip drop would not be a very good idea in the - definitely not a good idea. but i guess that there are always things that you can't do in the summer. so why don't you help me in listing things that you would love to do in the winter that you can't do (or atleast not very well) in the summer. here's a couple examples:
1. tobogganing sucks in the summer
2. although i've never tried it, i hear that ice skating outside doesn't work very well

so...let's poo poo summer a bit (maybe that will make me feel better about winter)...i look forwa…

flying high and fast

well. hopefully this ends the frustration with the internet. we got it upgraded yesterday so i hope to be slapping pictures on this blog as much as possible. remember: if you have pictures from camp please email them to me on my email:

so there's Duke & Diamond, our beautiful team of clydes and my dog koda. he's posing with his staff shirt on.

and...i have a HUGE announcement! we've got our theme for next summer. it's based on Hebrews 12:1-3. i'm super pumped. the theme is called "Reckless Abandon". rock on, i can barely wait!

until next time,
stay strong in His grip.

ps: thanks to EVERYONE who is commenting now. and try to comment on the most recent updates so that more people will read them!

the sky is falling

our satillite o'top'o the lodge is malfunctioning so posting pictures has been a grievous thing. i apologize and will continue to try and smack some picture up on the web for y'all.

it's cold and windy today. yuk. i smell winter coming. snow will fall soon and not just to freak us out because it's sept. 14th but it will fall and stay. again i say, yuk. i'm hard at work finding speakers for retreats and i'm about to email speakers for summer. the likes of VTI, mike perschon, and such will return to challenge and push us. i'm pumped. those people are so important to me too because they challenge and encourage me in ministry. sometimes it gets hard out here to remember the "bigger picture". but the comments you leave me (and everyone here onsite) totally lift me up and remind me that my work here is never ever in vain and that God is in it all. thanks josh and tracey and jasper who have all encouraged me.

keep pursuing God even when it ge…

autumn's beautiful

hey evergreeners!
well it's almost been two weeks since rise up. i hope you're all recovered and working hard in school ... not to mention LOVING IT (yea right...right?). we're almost in october, can you believe it? i sure can't but then again we almost have summer 2007 planned and we've barely finished summer 2006. but that excites me cuz we got new names for camps, new camps, new STUFF all around. and we're just shaking down the last details for our theme. but that doesn't mean that we're not open to suggestions. if you have a suggestion for a summer theme, i'm totally open. just send it to me as a comment. ALSO - tell me what you thought of this summer's speakers.
well - i'd better check out of here and go home or something. fall is definetely falling here. i love it. i think that this is the most beautiful time at camp. check out the barn in the picture. love it!have a great day, stay strong in His grip,c-bear

clean your glasses!

gah! the title reflects the quality of this picture. what's up with that. i don't have many good pics of seth but here he his. if yo' memory is as hazy as this picture - allow me to refresh. the sign on the steering wheel says 'my life'. he told stories about his 'psycho' dad and how his dad sawed their tennis ball in half and his banana seat bike in half when he wouldn't stop pullin' the wheelies. i couldn't get over the yelling when he was impersonating his dad's raging.

that was a good weekend. i wish we could always have weekends out here like that.

stuff that's coming up: junior high retreat. that's in January! There's also going to be a Family Camp over the Family Day long weekend in February. yeah! new stuff...i love it. Hey, if you're having problems finding a church or a youth group in your area drop me an email and i'll give you some options.

but i gotta get back to the real world. stay strong in His grip!

c - everg…

Snug 'n' Snog 2006

that's my new name for jug 'n' jog in the snow. we had rise up 2006 this last weekend and i think it was a great success. boy it was great to have seth back here. he's an awesome guy and on top of it all he brought canada up with him (whose actual name is craig). it was amazing. saturday night worship was really special to me.

Here's some pictures of snug 'n' snog... I was very impressed with the snowman/peguin making by Dalhousie and Highland respectively. props to all the kids who toughed out the weekend and never complained about the weather. I think it would have been really easy to hide inside all weekend and not be active. snug 'n' snog was so much honestly felt like everybody was running in slow motion...except koda.

now that the weekend is over - the snow is melting and the weather is getting a bit better. We're busy, busy, busy until about Oct. 9th...or something like that. It seems like it's a little insane but God will carr…


thanks for stopping by. this is a new thing for us so bear with us as we figure out technology. basically we started this blog to create a place where all of our friends can come visit us 24/7/365. and by friends i mean you...yeah you...campers, kids who visit us from schools, church groups, retreaters...and anybody you might haul along for the ride.

we'll keep you informed as to what's on the dL as far as programming goes and what the happenings are at camp...and maybe some funny stories to go along with those.
please check out Camp Evergreen's main site for any contact information. well - i've gotta get and start prepping for our sr. high retreat this next weekend (sept. 15-17th). until next time this is courtney (aka c-bear...aka cort) signing out.

stay strong in his grip.