2018 in a Nutshell

Sometimes when people ask me if things have settled down at camp I want to chuckle. Not because it's a silly question - more because it can feel crazy how far in advance we are planning. Not only that, but a few short days after Impact ended we were training our Fall staff, jumped right into Summer's End Family Camp, and then started receiving Guest Groups on site. There really isn't a "settling" that happens here. Just transitions into the next season.

Summer has been packed up in my office, it's true. I've rolled up the signs that read Lost and Found, Registration A-K, The Nurse and stored them for the winter. Summer planning takes a cat nap in September. By October, registration forms for 2018, speakers, and volunteers all start getting worked on. It's exciting to watch plans build and develop.

Summer camp isn't the only thing we plan for right now. In fact, it's only one piece of what we do. Retreats and Fundraisers are being planned too.…

Don't Forget...

I think sometimes September is the month of "don't forgets".

Don't forget your notebook.
Don't forget your lunch.
Don't forget your gym clothes.
Don't forget to check your class schedule.
Don't forget your locker code.

I was watching the staff this last weekend as we served a large Guest Group. Each week seems little more busy than the last.  There's a lot of things to remind the staff as we welcome a new group on-site. There's a lot of...

Don't forget to check your schedule.
Don't forget to turn off the dishwasher.
Don't forget to grab the activity binder.
Don't forget the keys to the challenge course.
Don't forget the code to the Playing Field Shed.
Don't forget to check in with the Kitchen.

That's a lot of remembering. It doesn't matter if you're a student at high school, college, or university - it doesn't matter if you're a staff member at Camp Evergreen. September is full of things to remember…

That's a wrap!

Summer 2017 has officially come to an end. 
There were so many amazing things to be thankful for...

One of them has to be our Staff Team. They are a phenomenal group of young people who put in an unbelievable amount of work to make camp happen. There are a lot of skeptical people out there who would say that camp isn't a real job, but when you account for the 16 or 17 hours a day that these young people are running around after campers, dressing up for atmosphere, drying tears, finding bandaids, telling stories to homesick campers, leading activities, giving their testimonies, teaching about God, and more... Looking at our staff - these are World-Changers.

The other group of people I want to thank are our volunteers. Our volunteers come to us in different ways. Maybe they're one weekers like our nurses or kitchen staff, maybe they're high school kids who have given up working somewhere for the summer to serve at camp, or they're retired couples giving months or they'…

Impact: Firing on all Cylinders

Thanks for your patience this last week! We seem to need a couple days to rest once Impact wraps up before getting our Blog summary up. We always get to it but it does take some time to recover from this...


This is our oldest camp of the summer. One of the reasons why we leave it to the end is because we typically empty our tanks for this one. Evening programming after chapel every night keeps up until midnight, sleep in breakfasts, giant wide games, and more give Impact a different kind of flavour.

We played a night game, had a late-night cookie ice cream bar down at the field, played our experiential game - Bible Smugglers where campers got a very, very small taste of what it's like to be a Christian working to shine God's light in a closed country, a night of extended worship, and finally - Homemade Jam.

We laughed a lot, played tons of games, and had amazing conversations. I think what makes Impact different than a lot of camps - other than the fact that we don…

Ignite 2 - Bracelets that Bind us Together

The title to this week's camp blog really is inspired by the thousands of yards (quite literally) of embroidery thread that our campers have gone through this week. Sometimes I think we likely keep the thread business going with how much we (and every camp) must go through in two months.

The title doesn't just have to do with the bracelets that are made but something Dan talked about last night at campfire. He talked about our circles of friends who who we need to surround ourselves as we go home from camp. How we need to have friends around us that are holding us, centered in Jesus - helping us stand firm in the faith. We also talked about sin and the how God forgives us and how we can say yes to following Him.

There was ice cream/brownie socials, night games, Pro Skills, Jug 'n' Jog, and more amazing superhero costumes than you can shake a stick at. It was SO much fun!

Here are some of the testimonies from Campfire last night:

I don't have to be perfect for God t…

Little but Mighty

This week may have been a short week for us but our Sparks might be the biggest gift. We love our littlest campers as they play the hardest, sing the loudest, and star jump the most enthusiastically. They are such amazing gifts from God and we sure do love everything about them...from their alligator house coats and princess PJs and more.

Some of the funnier things you would have seen or heard this week would have been along the lines of how this was the best week of their life (when they received TWO pieces of tuck) or how they are able to ANYTHING (after riding a horse). These campers know the magic of living in the moment and enjoying everything (right down to the sticks they collect all week long).

Rather than sharing a bunch of testimonies - I just want to share this short story about something a camper shared with one of our staff.

A camper asked about how God makes day and night and so I explained that it's really cool how God made the world to spin and where He placed the…

We Are Explorers!

What an awesome week! Explorers are our new adventurers of the summer. They're so much fun to play games with - ultra enthusiastic and willing to try new things at every corner. They LOVE Willsonball (the moment a meal is done, there is atleast two cabins in the Willson Pit playing) and getting out on the activities.

Mike and Joy share a lot of fun stories with us and if Testimony Sticks on Thursday was any evidence - these Explorers are going home with so much knowledge! They shared stories about a man named Saul, who did bad things but then turned to God, was forgiven, and then helped write part of the Bible and bring many more people to Jesus. They learned that God shines brighter than anything else in the world, that He created the universe, and that we, too, can be a light that shines for Jesus.

Here are some of the other things our campers learned about God this week:
I learned to shine light for God.I learned that God loves everyone and that we can be children of the light.I…