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IN PICTURES ignite 1 (july 17-22)

ignite 1: the statistics
dates: july 17-22
age group: grades seven to nine
number of campers: 95 (yeah, there wasn't a single extra bed on site)
other camps underway at the same time: ARISE, PUSH, Roughin' It Girls, Trails Away
speaker: Travis Padgham
general awesome rating: explosionsofstarsflowersandrainbows

IN PICTURES trail blazers 1 (july 10-15)

trail blazers 1: the statistics
dates: july 10-15
age group: grades five and six
number of campers: 72
other camps underway at the same time: ARISE, PUSH, Roughin' It Boys, Adventure Classic
speaker: Alison Springer
general awesome rating: nine hundred and fifty million

family camp in july.

Reilly has reprimanded me for not blogging: I'm sorry! It's busy around here, and that's a good thing. We finish summer staff training tomorrow and our first gang of campers arrives on Sunday: wow. We're excited!

Last weekend was family camp: it was packed out. We had so many families here! Two large extended family groups joined us, plus a bunch of smaller family groups. It was so much fun! Our speaker was Shawn Hubert, who shared a meaningful message. Some of the families commented that his talks were very real and practical. While Shawn shared with the parents, our staff took the kidlets out for activities: they spent a bunch of time learning about the armour of God. It was really really really fun to have Becca M. back, leading worship through music. Yeah! She had a great team playing with her, too.

Family camp was also a major learning extravaganza for our staff, because it came at the beginning of staff training. We had six staff supervising our wee little ar…