here's to 2006

merry christmas evergreeners!
i comes to me this 28th day of december that we are closing out another year. and it's been a great year. retreats and camps and guests groups alike fade away with the calenders and christmas decorations as we head into another year.
i however - don't really find that much changes. just a number at the end of 2006. but it has been a good 365 days. some of our staff positions have changed, we had 60 great staff members to compliment a fantastic summer, AND we going to have a new building by May on site (pictures to come in the new year). our camper brochures will be done and out in January, i've got the speakers for over half our summer camps and almost all the 2007 retreat speakers booked, AND we even have our t-shirt design figured out for the summer but's top secret. so december 2007 doesn't even seem that far away and we haven't even started it yet.
let me know some of your resolutions (if you are in the habit of resoluting and how you're planning on keeping them and i'll see you in the new year!)
peace out


Anonymous said…
when 2006 comes that means only about 7 or 8 months till camp (fave time of year)i have 42 dollors for camp. i am looking forwed to seeing the new t-shit they are aways coool. i am waring the 2005 one right know. i would wear the 2006 but it is beening fixed.
aLySsA .n
Anonymous said…
i love it when the new year comes because that means that there is 7 or 8 mouths till camp. i cant wait to see the new t-shits. right know i am wearing the 2002 t-shrit. i cant wait is see the gest spekers is. i all ready have $42 for camp. if i want to go i have to help pay for it. IS IT TIME TO GO TO CAMP EVERGREEN YET (NO) HOW ABOUT KNOW (NO) HOW ABOUT KNOW (YES) REALY (NOO0)


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