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introducing ... kristy

Kristy probably doesn't need an introduction; she's been here for the past two years. But, I'm going to introduce her to you anyway, just in case you haven't met her yet. Kristy is much-loved, especially by our staff kids. It's pretty cute how they flock to her!

hometown | Calgary

favourite band | Rubber (wait for it).

favourite book | The Bible and Green Eggs and Ham.

favourite movie or tv show | Kristy's been on staff through the winter and we've been doing a girls' movie night once a week. We seem to go for a lot of movies that were made before Kristy's time, and that might, by most standards, be considered terrible (cheesy, lame plot, bad acting, etc.), but she's a been a pretty good sport about it. I'm thinking that 9 to 5 was probably her favourite to date.

favourite thing(s) to do at camp evergreen | "Catching run away horses."(Okay, seriously, Kristy's had some experience with this, this winter. Duke, Diamond, Munchkin…

camp profile: adventure classic

The conclusion of our out-tripping fun blog post series! We've posted profiles of our three super cool out trips: Outback Adventure, Roughin' It and Adventure Classic over the last three weeks -- check the blog archives to see OA and RI, if you missed 'em. (If you click on the names of the camps, you'll hop right over to the info page on our website, which tells you how to register!)

[Note: I've tried to fix the spacing and fonts four times now, and they refuse to be consistent. Grrr.]

Adventure Classic

I asked Ben* to write something about his Adventure Classic adventures. Following is Ben's Adventure Classic story (with help from Jesse).

It was as much an adventure for the leaders as the kids (what a cliché).

Playing Mafia around the fire one night, we were all laughing so hard we couldn’t breathe. Another night started cutting wood at five, and did nothing but cook and eat hobos until it was totally dark and we could barely pack up the coolers, from lack of l…

introducing ... emily

Emily is amazing. She's our French Roughin' It girls leader and she's funny and super and has superior outdoors skillz and is a ridiculously hard worker. We love Emily (and so will you)!

hometown | Wentworth, Quebec

favourite band | "Don't have one ... I just love music."

favourite book | Rush of Wings

favourite move or tv show | Gone in 60 Seconds, NCIS, the Unit

favourite thing(s) to do at camp evergreen | "Dream about jumping into mud puddles and watch the stars."

favourite skill to teach | "Fires, because there are so many ways, and fun ways, to [safely!] light them and rock climbing because it's such a good analogy for how my faith looks."

i can't make it through the day without ... | "London Fog and a smile."

favourite bits in the Bible | "Undecided as I really just like a lot of them."

how many years i've been coming to evergreen | "This is my first year in the making."

something i love to do when i&#…

introducing ... jenny

Jenny is our Chapel Coordinator ... she's working with Ben on a crazy, wacky theme and skits for summer and she's overseeing the chapel content and providing support to our Roughin' It leaders, Jasper and Emily, and she's trying to relearn what it's like to be at camp because she hails from Camp Homewood in BC.Jenny's here to mix it up for a summer or two and she's bringing lots of cool ideas with her, and will be probably be taking stuff back to Homewood.

hometown | Papau New Guinea(just north of Australia -- click here for a map!)

favourite band | "Everything from Coldplay to Jeremy Camp to the Fray to Dala ... a nice variety to keep things interesting."

favourite book | Secret Life of Bees and the Poisonwood Bible

favourite move or tv show | The Office, Planet Earth and the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice.

best camp memory| "Finding out the truth about Jug 'n Jog ... and my favourite future memory will be inventing Jug 'n Jog: the N…

introducing ... aimee

Aimee is our super sweet 2009 Staff Team Leader. That means she's responsible for making sure that our staff - and especially our cabin leaders and activity staff - are happy, healthy, focused on God and on their campers, and ready for all kinds of fun.

hometown | Calgary

favourite band | Bob Dylan

favourite book | To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

favourite move or tv show | Peter Pan

best camp memory | "My entire two weeks of CIT." [CIT is now called Arise and you can find out more about it RIGHT HERE.]
favourite thing(s) to do at camp evergreen | Yodel 'n Hum

favourite skill to teach | "Climbing, because I am secretly a monkey."

i can't make it through the day without ... | Earl Grey tea.

favourite bits in the Bible | 2 Timothy 1:7-10

how many years i've been coming to evergreen | Nine!

something i love to do when i'm not working is ... | "Relax with classic literature or movies."

camp profile: roughin' it

Part two in our awesome out-trips blog series. We're profiling our three super cool out-trips: Outback Adventure, Roughin' It and Adventure Classic. (If you click on the names of the camps, you'll hop right over to the info page on our website, which tells you how to register!)

Roughin' It

Roughin' It comes in two versions: Roughin' It boys and Roughin' It girls. Roughin' It camps happen out at our tipi site and they're wild and muddy and oh-so-much fun. Roughin' It camps are guys only or girls only, and they fill up at 12 campers. We have three to four leaders at the site with the campers.

The great Cody, last summer's Roughin' It boys leader, tells me that his favourite parts of tipi living were cooking food over a fire, playing it by ear with the schedule, playing in the creek, running around like crazy men with no shirts on and spending lots and lots of time in the sun (and he made sure to include that everyone always wore sunscreen,…

introducing ... erin

Erin's been here since October [edit: since SEPTEMBER. Erin has reminded me of this many times now but I neverremember], hosting groups and leading activities and he's also become an expert bunk bed builder this winter. Courtney likes to call Erin "Beouf", in reference to former child star Shia LaBeouf, because she thinks Shia and Erin look alike. I'm not so sure.

hometown | Rosemary, Alberta

favourite band | Demon Hunter

favourite book | A series called "the Legend of Drizzt Do'Urden"

favourite move or tv show | Gilmore Girls

best camp memory| [Before I even share Erin's best camp memory, I should say that I can't quite figure out why this is a fond memory, but ... ] Erin says, "Sledding and hitting a tree, resulting in a minor concussion ... or my first time here." [I should also add that extreme sledding is not on our list of offered activities. And that I think the lighthouse skit at Rise 'n Shine 2008 should be on Erin'…

introducing ... courtney

I'm all about the blog post series right now, and I'm going to introduce you to all of our spring staff over the next two months. There are sixteen of them and they come to us from as near as Calgary and as far as California and Quebec. I've handed out a set of questions to them and I'm going to share their answers with you, faithful readers. I, of course, have comments and those will be contained in square brackets [just like this].

I'm going to start with Courtney. Courtney isn't actually spring staff, so this is a bonus post. Courtney is our illustrious Program Director, which means she's here at Evergreen year-round. She's also responsible for our spring staff team, which is why I'm including her in this "introducing ..." series.

hometown | Spruce View, Alberta

favourite band | the Fray, U2

favourite book | Scaredy Squirrel

favourite move or tv show | Bones and the Man from Snowy River

best camp memory| Being out on Trails Away [which, btw, …

camp profile: outback adventure

A new blog post series! Over the next three weeks, we're going to post profiles of our three super cool out trips: Outback Adventure, Roughin' It and Adventure Classic. (If you click on the names of the camps, you'll hop right over to the info page on our website, which tells you how to register!)

Outback Adventure

Are you ready for adventure? Have you ever wanted to experience the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Alberta and ride into the sunset? Here's your chance! Outback Adventure is a week full of new experiences and a one of a kind camp. You'll step back in time as you journey to Barrier Mountain and ride out from a semi-rustic base camp into the Rockies. Breath-taking views, more horseback riding than your little tush can handle, and memories that will last a lifetime.

The Nitty-Gritty (Details) of the Camp
- Five days of riding among some of the most scenic and breath-taking views of the Canadian Rockies, west of Sundre, Alberta.
- Accommodations include a semi-rus…