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Go Dalhousie

Take a look how far one can get with good help!  Dalhousie has its trusses up.  Should have a good amount covered by this afternoon.

We also had a couple of board members help out today.  Barry looks like a deer in the head lights and Kevin looks like he's about to juggle some electrical boxes.  We appreciate your help!

In addition, over on the camp side of things we had some sort of Mennonite lunch with all the girls on one side of the dining hall and boys on the other side. 

MDS Week Two Day Two

We have warmer, sunnier weather today.  Last night the temperature dropped to 3 degrees in Sundre.  We were thankful it didn't snow.  However the sun is shining (in between the clouds) and we're a balmy 16 this afternoon.

How do you raise a wall with a wack of kids?  Very carefully.  Take a look as the first Dalhousie wall goes up here on day two.

MDS - Week Number Two

Can you say a passel of kids.  We're all about kids here at Camp Evergreen so we were very excited when we found out that week two of MDS has a wack of kids.  The one bonus about cold rainy weather is that there was no chance of heat stroke on Monday for MDS or our campers!

At the end of Day 1, Dalhousie and Sunwest had their floors insulated and sheeted.  We're looking for warmer weather on Tuesday!

Day Five

Week one has come to a close.  What a week.  Three cabins framed and some of interior walls are up.  Harold and his crew did a great job of keeping on task.  We had about 5 extra volunteers join us for Friday.  MDS also spent a little time working on our archery range starting the floor joist.

Wall Raising 101

Day 5 and things are moving this morning.  We had a few extra volunteers join us today and the construction site is buzzing with people.  It brings tears to my eyes to see families working together, serving God and definitely serving Camp Evergreen!

Here are a few pictures showing how to put up a wall in four easy steps!

I wonder what's for lunch today?


I can only think of one thing better than MDS helping us with the Cabin Fever project.  For lunch today the awesome cooks over at the MDS kitchen served rollkuchen and watermelon!  How cool is that!  Courtney our program director is quite sad she was visiting another camp today.

Enough about rollkuchen (they were very fluffy and schmeckt sehr gut!  I'm beginning to think I should have taken a picture)

Day four, and a pattern is emerging.  Hard work and getting lots done.  Take a look at our progress today.


Crestwood - we have all the trusses up and have started to sheet the roof.  We anticipate to finish the roof sheeting tomorrow.

Linden -all four outside walls are up and we're ready to start the trusses first thing tomorrow morning.

For those of you wondering who our fearless leader Harold!

Stay tuned for tomorrows update as week one comes to a close.  I'm sure most of you will have trouble sleeping tonight thinking about the awesome combo of MDS a…

Can you say Wow!

Well here we are on day three of the MDS missions trip to camp!  Every time we turn around another wall is up.  Vaux-Hollow started off today with no trusses and as you can see by the end of the day we had over half the roof sheeted with plywood.  Tin for the roof has been ordered and we're optimistic that sometime in week four some of our cabins will have a roof for winter!

This is how Vaux-Hollow looked on Monday morning.

Vaux-Hollow on Wednesday afternoon!

Crestwood has three walls up and the fourth one is ready to stand up tomorrow morning.  I'm sure that by Thursday afternoon we'll be lifting trusses again.

Linden has three walls up.  The MDS team from week one has secretly set a goal to have trusses and the roof sheeted on all three cabins by the end of Friday.  At this rate they will be very close, if not there.

It is a real blessing to see families serving together helping us do what we do best, reaching campers for Christ! 

We would like to send out a big challen…

MDS Day Two

A lot can happen in a day.  Vaux-Hollow is ready for trusses.  The 4 outside walls and interior walls are up.

Linden and Crestwood have most of their outside walls ready to stand up.

The weather looks a little sketchy for Day 3, join us in praying for good working weather and safety.

MDS Day One

Wow!  By the end of Day One, 3 floors insulated and sheeted.  Two walls ready to stand up and two more walls cut and ready to be assembled.  We have a great crew!

Stay tuned to see how far we get today!

Sunrise Missions Trip

Camp Evergreen was blessed by a Missions Trip from Sunrise church in Edmonton this past week.  Pastor Dennis Wiens brought 11 people from his church to serve Camp Evergreen for a week.  Sunrise had the goal of building a stronger relationship with Camp Evergreen and building a stronger bond as a church.  Their goals were accomplished!

One of their main projects was to re-stain our Welcome Centre which had not seen stain since it was built in 2007.  They did a fantastic job.  They also helped out in the kitchen, served meals and as a team took on supper dishes and cleaning the dining hall all week.

Sunrise was definitely a blessing to us!  Thank you very much for your hard work and serving attitude.  We hope to see you next year again!

They're here!

It is with great excitement that we saw the arrival of the A Team (advance team) of Mennonite Disaster Service here at Camp Evergreen today.  The rest of the gang is showing up Sunday to work on our cabins, and Lord willing, bring the final six cabins to lock up or further.

They are self sufficient with their own dining hall and kitchen!  Our out trips are already eying the portable kitchen and thinking, "hmmmmm that would be nice at Trails Away!"

We will keep you posted!


Summer has started! And wow - what a start it was! Staff had barely arrived and we were celebrating our 50th anniversary. We are just wrapping up our second week of camp and wanted to share with you some joy from Sparks which happened on July 3-6th:

Catherine Furukawa share the Word with us and it was an AWESOME week. I can't think of a better way to have started summer.