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“What a Lovely Winter We're Having This Spring!”

“Ilove winter!”, “No. Be quiet! I hate the cold!“, “Look at allthe snow – so beautiful!”, “Oh, I just want to drive on safe,snow-free roads again.” Hearing such comments is nothing specialthese days – not at Camp Evergreen either. Both sides think theother ones are just crazy. Even one week into the official spring,there is so much new snow and it doesn't seem to stop. So who's right
now? Who's opinion should we join?Iwant to look at this phenomenon from a German point of view today.

Amongus 5 Germans the opinions concerning the snow and the winter differ a
lot.Someof us would like the winter to continue for another two months. Just
because falling into untouched snow is a wonderful feeling; am Iright Felix?Moreover,as soon as the cold and the snow stops the world here turns into one
big muddy pool. Is that better? Just think of your footwear: winterboots are so  much more comfortable than those stiff plastic rubberboots that make you sweat a lot.Andin the end, isn't th…

Trust in Cookies is Hard

I have a couple "jokes" or funny comments that folks hear me say sometimes around here about trust issues. The first one and probably the truest one for me is Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. You know, those cookies that look like chocolate chip cookies but when you bite into them expecting yummy, sweet chocolate - you get this odd texture and a sweetness that has no business impersonating chocolate. I don't trust very many cookies that may claim to be chocolate chip and are really fruit.

I hate Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. They give me trust issues. And really, anything that looks like something that it isn't can give me trust issues.

It reminds me of this time when I was a kid and we had a friend from Australia staying with us for the Harvest season and I made a jam sandwich for school. All was well and good, nothing even looked off when I was at school and bit into my sandwich...our Aussie had switched my JAM sandwich for a VEGI-MITE sandwich (think molasses and salt...lots and…

One Down...Five To Go!

Our Cabin Fever continues to move forward.  The interior walls are now up in the new Sunwest cabin.  We only have five more to go!

Here's Cam working hard.

Only three boards left and we're finished.

We've set a goal of finishing the cabins by the end of April in time for our busy season.  We need your help to reach that goal.  The exterior siding has arrived.  The flooring has been ordered.  The interior doors are on site.  The furnaces are on site.  The mattresses are on their way.  The only thing left is we now need you on site!

If you know what a brad nailer is and are not afraid to use it, you are the exact person we're looking for!  You don't want to see me in a confined space with a brad nailer.  Not only do I measure six times and still end up being too short, a brad nailer in my hands could be dangerous.  The goal is to have the interior walls done in the next two weeks.  Consider joining us even for an evening.

Christoph looking like he seriously knows wha…

Ladies Retreat: A much needed break

Take a minute with me...

I know, a minute can seem like a whole lot of real estate this time of year. Kids to school, frigid weather, busy schedules that never seem to slow down. 
So, if you can...take a minute with me.

Close your eyes (but not for too long...I want you to read the rest of this)...

Yes - close your eyes and imagine the sounds of the wind in the trees, the crunch of snow beneath your feet (because seriously...we're not getting rid of this white stuff in the next month) and breathe the fresh, clean air.

Quiet. Peace. Rest.

...and Robin Jones Gunn.