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Part two in our awesome out-trips blog series. We're profiling our three super cool out-trips: Outback Adventure, Roughin' It and Adventure Classic. (If you click on the names of the camps, you'll hop right over to the info page on our website, which tells you how to register!)

Roughin' It

Roughin' It comes in two versions: Roughin' It boys and Roughin' It girls. Roughin' It camps happen out at our tipi site and they're wild and muddy and oh-so-much fun. Roughin' It camps are guys only or girls only, and they fill up at 12 campers. We have three to four leaders at the site with the campers.

The great Cody, last summer's Roughin' It boys leader, tells me that his favourite parts of tipi living were cooking food over a fire, playing it by ear with the schedule, playing in the creek, running around like crazy men with no shirts on and spending lots and lots of time in the sun (and he made sure to include that everyone always wore sunscreen, which is what I like to hear!).

Jasper's our Roughin' It boys leader for 2009. Jasper's a very fun guy (campers, you'll love him!) and he tells me he's looking forward to the night-time chapels and sharing what he knows about basic survival techniques (Jasper's just finished his first year with Prairie Bible Institute's Explore program). He's excited the spontenaiety that happens out at the tipis, and about each camp group bonding through games, initiative tasks and more! Jasper's guessing this year's Roughin' It boys will be filling their free time with lots of swimming, touch football and games like counsellor hunt.

Emily is our Roughin' It girls leader for 2009 and she's also coming to us from Prairie Bible Institute's Explore program. Emily's finished two years with Explore, and that means she's a hardcore outdoors person. Emily tells me she's really excited to play and teach in a relaxed setting and apply all the camping out, roughin' it kind of skills she's learned in the last couple of years. One of the things Emily loves best about camping out is being in God's creation because it's always revealing just how awesome God is.

Roughin' It campers get to do all the same activities as the on site campers: you get to sneak up onto site for trail rides, to use the challenge course and climbing wall (if you're over 8 years old), to canoe (like Alex, in the picture above) and to shoot targets at our archery range. But you also get to splash around the creek, learn how to cook over a camp fire (with the help of your Roughin' It leaders, of course), play crazy games you make up on the spur of the moment and rough it like you've never roughed it before.

Finally a point of debate: should we go with tipis, teepees or tepees? Actually, I can strikes tepees out right away; I just don't like that spelling. I want to spell it teepees, but I've been reprimanded for using that spelling, so I started using tipis. But now Jasper says, "no way, man. Teepees all the way." What do YOU think?

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