Thank you to our 2017 Fall Staff

The staff dressed up for a carnival that we hosted in Sundre

It's the time of year again that we want to say a big thank-you to our 2017 Fall Staff! The busy season is just winding down here at Camp Evergreen and we are ready for a much needed rest from the business. Our seasonal fall staff are the people who take on a lot of that business and boy are we grateful for the work they do. Each day they would start before breakfast preparing for the guest groups, facilitate activities and clean during the mornings and afternoons (while also fitting in time to serve meals), and finish off the day by leading evening programming for our groups. They do so much and without their hard work we could not run the quality program that we have right now.

Although it is a lot of work out here at camp in the fall we do still manage to have a lot of fun. Our fall staff were on the crazier side and loved to have a lot of fun together. There was a lot of ball hockey that happened this year and it was great to have the staff bond while competing with each other. There were even a few times when we had our injured staff out there hopping around on one leg while they tried to stick handle up the court. Oh yeah, this fall we also had a lot

Arlen Peters - ball hockey sniper of the season
of injuries and sickness. Two air boots at the same time and we only went about 2 days in a row without someone missing work because they were sick. That being said we made it through and God provided enough staff to make fall a success. Our staff also spent a lot of time just hanging out talking, playing board games, going to survivor night at Bob and Bevs, or watching Lord of the Rings on movie night. You could also find them out fishing or wandering out in the woods building shelters and enjoying camp's beautiful location. Another big part of our fall season was spending time doing daily devotions and staff bible studies. We read through the book of proverbs each morning to help focus ourselves on why we do what we do. In our bible studies we were working though the tough questions that our cabin leaders received in summer. (Those campers sure can ask hard questions). Bible studies were a good time to get into the word and figure out the Truth for ourselves. It strengthened our community to be able to learn and grow together, although I will say we did have a few heated discussions during those times. I think it's safe to assume that we can all  look back and smile upon those times now.

Julia,who has been at Evergreen for the Fall Season
With fall season is over now some of our staff are moving on to there next adventure. Most will remain close to here and we hope to see them back volunteering throughout the winter and back with is in the spring. We are also saying goodbye to Julia who is going back to Germany soon after spending her last four months serving at camp in Canada.

Please pray for our staff that are leaving camp as well as those who are staying with us and serving throughout the winter. We are excited to serve our Lord in this next season here at Evergreen.

- Safety Lane


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