2018 Preview: Wrangler Up

Have I mentioned that 2018 is going to be an awesome year? Camper mail hit Canada Post today...that means more than 1000 kids are going to be getting notes from their Cabin Leaders and our 2018 Camper Brochure. It's such an exciting time!

It's also exciting because we have another brand new program to introduce to you. Wrangler Up! Wrangler Up joins our Pit Crew and Internship Program to help build our next generation of staff. If you guessed that our Wrangler Up program is about training up new Barn Staff - you are correct. It's designed for horse enthusiasts to refine their riding, saddling, and cleaning skills while forming friendships which last a lifetime. Something that we've known for a long time is that when a camper loves horses - they really love horses. We also really believe in training the next generation of staff. We love our Barn Staff and know that it's just as important to train the next generation of horse-loving staff as it is our Cabin Leaders - especially when over 80% of all of our campers will go to our Barns to interact with those gentle giants. Wrangler Up is a one week intensive step towards being a Wrangler at Camp Evergreen. Here are some details on who the program is aimed for and what it's going to be like...

This camp will be co-ed and is aimed at campers who have solid horse experience (taken our Trail Blazer and Ignite Horsemanship programs, Trails Away, or have solid riding experience outside of camp like riding lessons). Dedicated Wrangler Up leaders will challenge campers spiritually in horse-inspired devotionals and discipleship sessions while teaching and equipping them as they work more and more with horses.

Wrangler Up campers should expect to be part of the work and clean up at the barn. Early mornings and evening clean up are often part of a Wrangler's job at Camp Evergreen. Some of the skills Wrangler Up will be covering are:
  • Basic horse First Aid.
  • Riding Instruction.
  • Assisting with camper rides (helping campers onto their horses, assisting with trail rides).
  • Clean up, basic barn maintenance, saddling of camper horses.
  • Barebacking.
  • Basics of harnassing and ground driving.
Space is limited and demand for this program is high: the application process to the Wrangler Up program is similar to our Internship Program. An application link will be posted here on January 3rd, 2018. Applications to the Wrangler Up program will be taken until April 15th, 2018, after which we will be notifying the applicants of their program acceptance status. If accepted, a registration link will be emailed to complete the process.

Acceptance into the program will not be only based on horse experience. We are looking for campers who have horse experience, a love for camp ministry, working with children, and a desire to grow in their relationship with God.

If you have any questions - please do not hesitate to call our office!

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