2018 Preview: Adventure Camp

2018 is going to be full of awesome new things at Evergreen. We've added another Family Camp to our schedule (registration for Winter Fest Family Camp is open right now), we're making Charge 3 co-ed, and we're adding two brand new camps to our schedule (Adventure and Wrangler Up). This week and next week, we are going to break down what Adventure Camp and Wrangler Up are going to be like.

As our camps continue to fill each year - we're challenged with the question of how to grow while maintaining what makes Evergreen awesome and unique. As we were putting together our 2018 Camp Schedule - we took a hard look at our Out-trips. The campers that absolutely LOVE our out-trips do not often cross over to our Base Camps. There's something really special that happens out at the Tipis and at Foothills Outfitters Camp (Charge and Trails Away) that just can't be ignored.

Knowing that these campers are often "once an out-tripper, always an out-tripper" - and seeing how much our Roughin' It Campers love "living in the wild", the smaller group, and less structured schedule of the days - we knew we had to make a place for them.

Our answer to this is Adventure Camp. Careful! Don't get this confused with our Adventure Classic Camp which happened entirely off-site. Adventure Camp will occur on-site except for their hiking day.

Adventure Camp is a co-ed camp designed to allow our Roughin' It campers to step out of the tipis into another type of Out-trip. It isn't just for Roughin' It campers! It's a perfect way to get stretched by learning how to camp and live in the outdoors! Campers will be able to spend a day or two at the paintball range, still experience other camp activities, and also to have something that is unique to them (hiking off-site for one day). Adventure Camp will happen across the creek, at our Foothills Outfitters Camp. Our Foothills Outfitters Camp has large wall tents with single cots in them, and an outdoor camper kitchen. It's a short walk across the creek to access our activity sites on main site.

Campers will still get to use the Challenge Course, go on a trail ride, and experience the things they love about Out-trips the most with a few more added challenges.

We're starting with one Adventure Camp for 2018 so if this sounds like something you'd like to try - don't wait when January 3rd rolls around.

Check back next week when we tell you all about our other new camp, Wrangler Up.

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