Ice Ice Baby

This last week we started laying the ice down on our rinks. This is always a challenging process because temperature, water, and the surfaces we build one of the rinks on do not always play nice together.

And sometimes it involves Rolf, Dylan, and Max to stand in freezing cold water repairing up to forty holes in the poly base.

Oh the things we do for the love of Pond Hockey.

We really do love it! Our staff are currently skating on Rink 2 to harden it up for more flooding. It's quite the process - while the rest of the province is groaning because the snow and cold weather has arrived...we are out first thing in the morning trying to take advantage of it so that we can get some good layers down on it.

We're only about two months away from our Pond Hockey weekend. New this year? T-shirts...awesome, awesome t-shirts. We'll do a reveal when they arrive in December.

We're taking team registrations until December 15th. Spots are starting to fill up so don't wait too long! We can take a maximum of twelve teams.

Bring your whole family to experience a little bit of the magic that is Camp Evergreen in the winter. Wagon Rides, crafts, kids skate and skills competition, food all day long, and a fun Silent Auction (for adults and kids).

Head here to check out the details for the event, including how to register your team.

Stay warm!
.: jogee :.


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