5 Germans & One Big Canadian Christmas

It's Christmas Time!

    Normally in every German house, it starts with 1 candle on the advent wreath and then you get this feeling: It’s Christmas time! But this year it was different:
Although Felix tried his best with playing Michael Bublés Christmas Songs back and forth since October, the Christmas feeling didn’t really want to come up until two weeks before Christmas.
But then we were amazed by the effort that the Canadians made to give us a perfect Christmas experience. 
It started with a Staff-Christmas-Party in the Heritage Room. Bob and Bev put lots of work in it and created a wonderful atmosphere. Something that surprised us was the food. Although Germans have a big diversity of food at Christmas, we didn’t expect Chinese food at a Canadian Christmas Party. (Yummy, yummy, it was so good!)
For the actual Christmas days, we split up in little groups and we were invited to different people. Despite we spent Christmas at different places, we all experienced delicious turkeys, Candlelight services on Christmas Eve, great hospitality and community with welcoming, lovely and carrying people. 
With the exception of Boxing Day, where masses of people crazily run into the stores to get good deals and even more stuff then they already got, the Canadian Christmas isn’t too different to the German one. We still celebrated the birth of the same guy, our Saviour Jesus, who came to earth for us. 
Thanks for the Very Merry First Christmas here in Canada!
Your Germans Generation 2 #5-9
Juli & Tamara

Josh, Felix & Sebastian
Midnight Service

The Brown House had a Charlie Brown Christmas tree!


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