hello, hello.

well i just thought i would dedicate this update to horses. not much has been going on here this last week. we're just working here to prepare for summer and such. our office building is getting sanded (the step right before we do the floor and then paint). we should be occupying the building by the second last weekend of april...that's totally exciting. dave is working really hard to make sure that our buildings all get a little tlc before this place comes alive in april.

our camp brochures are out and if you haven't received one yet or are looking to go to camp for the first time or try us out for something different make sure that you contact us at 403-638-4230 or email me at: so that i can send you a camp brochure. we're going to be starting to feature one of our camps each week with pictures and information on top of our regular post so that you can learn a little more about each camp.

HORSES. our beautiful beautiful horses. i think one of the reasons that i'm going to talk about them is that, not only do i love them, but almost everybody that comes here has a little bit of love for them. not everybody but almost everybody. i got a question in the last update about a foal that was born last year named Storm. yes! we are definitely keeping him. he's a total sweetheart! here's a picture of him:
storm was pretty funny because when he was born he was almost black but he was kinda of blue roan (which just means he has a bit of white hair mixed in with his black) - just like he is in the picture, then he started getting a bit of red in his coat (like his mom in the background of the picture) which meant he was possibly going to be a red roan (my favourite) and then he started REALLY getting white...yikes...
but he eventually went back to the blue roan color just like in the picture. we're pretty happy about that because blue roans are always nice lookin' horses. his leg is all healed up and he's bouncing around like a happy little boy. except he's not so little anymore.
there's about 4 more babies that will be arriving in april/may. i always love that time of year and all the new babies running around.
i should be off. there may or may not be a post next week as i will be on holidays. i'll see what i can do about recruiting steph to update. have a great day. oh, and thanks for the countdowns alyssa!
Stay Strong in His Grip,


Anonymous said…
YAY! I love Storm, when I went to camp he always went toward the fence for a little lovin.

(He is the one with the cut lip right?)

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