New Camps for 2018

It hasn’t been hard to enjoy the fall season at camp this year. The colour change in the leaves was gradual and stunning. Even the snow wasn’t too bad...I can’t believe I’m even saying that. It can’t last for long though. This morning brought another skiff of snow and a bit of a winter wind. I’m guessing there won’t be much left of the fall colours after this week. 

Winter means more than just snow and cold temperatures. It also means the new year and Summer Camp Registration. We started posting our summer camp dates on our website this last week and before we even got them all posted, we were getting phone calls from panicked parents who were not seeing their child’s favourite camp. We had a good chuckle at that. 

At each Closing Chapel this summer, we talked about our growth over the year. It is exciting and challenging as we work to find ways to fit all of our campers into camps. We’re always trying to find ways to better engage our campers and meet them where their interests lie. 

In 2018 - you will find two brand new camps to Evergreen and an addition of a Family Camp. Here’s a low down on each:

Winter Fest Family Camp - We took the hint when our 2017 Family Camps filled in less than three hours last February and added this extra Family Camp in February 2018. Be careful though! This Family Camp’s registration will open next Monday, Oct. 16 at 9am! There will be some differences with this camp in that it’s winter. Weather permitting, there will be an ice skating rink, wagon rides, and snowshoeing. Don’t worry - weather doesn’t impact if we play Jug ‘n’ Jog or not!

Adventure Camp - This camp is for both male and female campers. We have been looking for a way to transition our Roughin’ It Campers into older programs. Most of our Out-Trip Campers love it in the “wild” but aren’t quite ready to jump on a horse for a week or play paintball for a full week. We are excited about taking campers on a super fun adventure. They will camp across the Creek at our Foothills Outfitters Camp, play paintball, ride horses, and go on a mountain adventure off-site on one of the days.

Wrangler Up - We know we have a whole group of campers that have been WAITING for a week-long camp like this. Our Wrangler Up program is part of our Developing Leaders Programs - right alongside of Pit Crew and Internships. It’s designed to train up our next generation of Wranglers. Campers looking to someday become staff should look here. Saddling, grooming, learning the first steps of teaching our horsemanship classes are a part of this program. Wrangler Up will not just be riding - it’s a discipleship program, focused on leadership skills and growing in your relationship with God. If you’re looking for a week of just riding, making sure you check out our Trails Away Programs.

Changes to Charge 3 - You may have noticed one other change in the schedule. We’ve made Charge 3 for males AND females. In the last three years - we’ve had feedback from our female campers that they wanted a shot at Charge. Here you are! We are so excited to see our female campers storm the castle during Charge 3.

As I mentioned before - we are very excited about these additions to our programs. Don’t forget about the Oct. 16th registration date for or February Family Camp: Winter Fest Family Camp. We hope to see you here!

.: jogee :.


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