What's shaking at Evergreen?

Summer camp is over (not that any of us needed THAT reminder as our kidlets are all back in school and the camp has started filling up with Guest Groups) and that means we shift into a totally different gear. How fitting is it that the leaves seemed to have changed with the summer coming to a close. It's getting a little too yellow out there (and a little too early for this bear).

You'll see a couple things change with our seasonal shift. There are events coming up. These are things that we want you marking on your calendars...things that you should be aware of that are very nearly just around the corner. Because...Summer 2017 Registration opens in just under FOUR months. Crazy, isn't it! You can keep your eyes peeled for our 2017 dates to be announced mid-October. Don't get too crazy...registration will not open until the beginning of January 2017.

September is filled with a bunch of Camper Connection Days. You might be wondering what these days are all about. These are nights where we here at Camp Evergreen join with some of our churches on their Kick Off Nights so that you, our campers and families, who don't know anybody can have some familiar faces to see when you arrive. We've got good friends at churches in Calgary and we would LOVE to introduce you to them.

Here are the three events (and each are live links to the event on our website):



The first event (September 14th) at Dalhousie is for our campers from Grades 3-6. It's an awesome mid-week Kids Club at Dalhousie Church in the NW of Calgary. September 16th and September 23rd are both for campers going into Grades. 7-12. It's just like what we talked about at camp - GET CONNECTED! Don't let that fire inside go out. Stoke it and fuel it and get connected with other kids doing the same thing.

Ranger Bob will also be preaching at Lendrum MB in Edmonton September 18th and at Gem MB Church on October 16th. It would be awesome to connect with any campers in the area on those days.

Rise Up is also coming in a month. Rise Up is our Senior High Youth Retreat here at Evergreen. It's a super fun retreat for Youth Groups and individual Campers. It's another great way to connect with a church. In fact, if you know who Yoshi and Sunshine are...it's exactly the place when we were able to connect them with the church they now call home. I know that connecting with a youth group or a church can be intimidating, tricky, and exhausting because it's hard to know where to start. Maybe Rise Up is the right place for you. We've got a cool speaker coming and we're going to play some awesome night games...did I mention Jug 'n' Jog and bacon? Yeah - you really should come. Click on the picture and register now.

The last event is not a connection event - it's a hockey event. Yes - that's right...Pond Hockey is coming. Players all have to be over 16 and this is one of our main Fundraisers here at camp. We have space for 12 teams - so let's get planning. We're looking at raising $45,000 this year.


See what I mean? Lots and lots going on in the next two months. The message we want you to be left with at the end of this is connect, connect, connect. Don't let your camp experience end here - find a youth group and keep growing. It's going to be an amazing school year and we hope we'll see you before Summer 2017.

Much love,


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