We're Pregnant!

That's quite the headline, hey?

Or should I say hay?

Because really, it's Delilah the horse, that's pregnant - not one of us humans. ;) Some of you knew that it was a possibility and close to the end of summer it was confirmed - Delilah was, indeed, pregnant.

Calamity Jane was only about 1.5ft tall!

Expecting is always a fun thing around here. I've been working here long enough to remember Smoke, Sasha, Elmer, and Calamity Jane (our miniature horse) were a few that were born here. Having a foal here is SOOO exciting. They have so much energy and love bouncing around. It really adds something to the atmosphere down at the barn.

Delilah's foal is due April 20th and we're taking good care of her until then.

The reason that we tell you this now is probably the next most exciting thing. WE'RE HAVING A FOAL NAMING CONTEST!!!

Say what?!?

Ruby's foal, Elmer! Foals are awesome!
Yes - we're (probably) letting you, our loving world of Evergreen name our new foal. I say "probably" because the names have to follow some rules for us to allow them into the contest.

The WINNER of the contest will get a personal meet and greet with the foal soon after it's born. This will likely include a meal and some camp swag. 

You're probably thinking...I don't remember what Delilah looks like...and what does Mac look like (that's the stallion)? Here they are:

Mac lives at Olds College and
is a registered palomino Paint
Delilah is a register
black Quarter Horse
Here's the rules...which are more like suggestions if you want your name picked. Creativity is key - we want something really fun and unique.

1. Avoid colour names...We've got a few already and have had just about every colour you can think of (Ruby, Rusty...). It's time for something new.
2. Stay away from people names...Again - we have a lot of horses who have people names (Jack, Elmer, Jay, Wesley, Caleb, Hannah, Tasha, Sasha...you get the picture...).
3. Keep your names easy to pronounce because kids (and wranglers) need to be able to pronounce their horse's name.
4. You can submit more than once.
5. You don't have to be a kid to submit names.

For example...if I were to submit a name...I would choose Lunchbox for either the filly OR colt name and Samson...get it? Samson and Delilah?

Message me (Jogee) on Facebook or email me at courtney@camp-evergreen.com by April 10th with a filly (girl) and a colt (boy) name. Or just one if you think it could go for either a filly or a colt. Get thinking of those names!

On April 15th - our Head Wrangler will choose her three favourite filly names AND three favourite colt names. When the foal is born - we will send out pictures and YOU will get to vote by emailing me or putting your answer on Facebook. Isn't this exciting!!

We will let the winner know via email that they have won!

Get dreaming up fun and exciting foal names!

Good luck and if you have
questions - you have my email!


Merry.erza said…
If it's a girl I choose juvia
If it's a boy I choose Casteil

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