Seniors Day is Coming!

We have a lot of favourite days around here. A little like when Bacon or Geico also talk about their favourite part of chapel.

Warm Ups are their favourite.
MTWI Games are their favourite.
Worship is their favourite.
The speaker is their favourite.

Basically...there are a lot of favourites. In fact...the whole entire thing is their favourite.
So when I say that Seniors Day is my favourite just know that I have a lot of favourites. Seriously though - Seniors Day is amazing. This year, Seniors Day happens on Friday, May 20th.

Can you imagine what might be better than having coffee, cinnamon buns, coffee, cookies, lunch made by Ken, opportunities to shoot bows and arrows, visit the horses, share stories about camp, have community with our staff, speak German with some of our Germans, and have more coffee and cookies?

I think my favourite part of Seniors Day might be the stories about camp. Like that one time a black bear got into the kitchen (not the current kitchen - the kitchen that was in the building which is now the Fallen Timber Landing).What stories will you tell when you come to Seniors Day?

Perhaps you're reading this and thinking that you're not a senior...Do you know a Senior that should come? Call the camp to tell us that you're coming. If you're from Calgary, you can reserve a spot on a bus that will depart and return to Dalhousie Church in Calgary.

Will you join us? Do you know someone that would benefit from a day out at Camp Evergreen with new and old friends? Contact the camp to let us know that you're coming or to secure a place on the bus that departs and returns to Dalhousie.

We look forward to seeing you here!

.: Jogee :.


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