IN PICTURES roughin' it girls

roughin' it girls: the statistics
dates: july 17-22 or august 7-12
age group: grades 4-6 or 6-8
number of campers: 11 in the first crew, 7 in the second
general awesome rating: heaps o' fun!

Here's a link to a Roughin' It profile from a couple years ago. In addition to two weeks of Roughin' It Girls, we ran three weeks of Roughin' It Boys. We had twelve campers in each of the Roughin' It Boys camps, and they were led by Dylan, Scott and Ben. Our leaders for the first Roughin' It Girls camp this year were Kim, Chelsea and Jena. Josie, Steph and Laurie led the second group. I don't have pictures of the Roughin' It Boys groups. BUT! I have a whole bunch of great photos from the second Roughin' It Girls crew. Yeah! Here they are ...


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