the cabin project is progressing nicely!

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note to let you know where things are at with Cabin Fever!, our never-ending cabin replacement project. Last time we talked, the first new cabin was well underway. The building inspector has visited since then and he was happy with the cabin in progress and the future sites we showed him. Yeah!

We paused on the first cabin once it was completely weather sealed. The indoor walls are framed, but we haven't done any drywalling or anything, because first we need to do the electrical rough-ins. So, our building crew moved on and started on the second cabin. The pictures below are all of the second cabin and they were taken by Colter. This week, they'll be working on getting the sheeting and such up on the roof of the second cabin and then, the tin.

Our friends Harley and Esther are here from Coaldale right now. Harley is a master electrician and he'll be doing all the electrical rough in work on both of the first two cabins (how nice that we can get them done at one time, right?). Thank you for being here, Harley!

So, things are moving along! Besides electrical work, we still have to do the inside walls, the outside finishing work, utility hook ups plus all the furnishings before things are finished. It's still a bit of work.

We're expecting that these first two cabins (we need to work out a numbering system!) will be operational by the end of the calendar year. Exciting, right?

We have the money in the bank for these first two cabins through to completion, which is excellent. We hope to start the next two in January, with the goal of having four new cabins "in the system" for summer 2012. But, to get to the next two, we are going to need more money. Please consider supporting our cabin replacement project! (And feel free to contact the camp if you have questions!)


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