trail blazers 2, belatedly

Trail Blazers 2 was a really, really long time ago. August 8-13, to be exact. It was a great week. Like, Tony the Tiger great. That's how great it was.

Our speaker was J Janzen. J is from Abbotsford, BC and he is a storyteller. One of the staff came into my office after the first chapel and said, "did you know you'd brought Stuart McLean as the speaker this week?" That's the kind of story teller that J is.

So what kinds of stories did J tell? He told the story of how God is created us and has plans for us and how Jesus loves us and lived for us and conquered death for us. He told us about his own life and how God designed him and each of his three brothers with their own skills and gifts. He talked about how God wants to use our lives to further His kingdom.

It was a fun week!

Sweet spotting on the low ropes course.

The trailriders had lots of fun!

L: Michael and Koda drive Buffalo Becca to skill or from skill or something.
R: Courtney prepares an Adventure Programming crew for some balance beam awesomeness.

Zipline time!

Backwards Day is always a hit. It's also a little odd.

Crazy times at Yodel 'n Hum.

And, some funny, funny cabin pictures to finish things off.


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