Ignite 2, some summary and a photo essay.

Our Ignite 2 speaker was Travis Padgham, from Edmonton. Travis talked about what is truth? How do we know what's truth? And how do we know what's true? He talked about how what we choose matters and how placing the emphasis differently gives a person a different perspective on Micah 6:8. Remember this, campers?

Walk humbly with your God
Walk humbly with your God
Walk humbly with your God
Walk humbly with your God

I think it was a week when a lot of people learned a lot of big things, and thought about a lot of big things. Who is Jesus? Why does He matter? What do I believe about Him? One of the biggest questions I was asked was, "what does it mean when the Bible says that God is a jealous God?" I love that all you all (campers) are asking big questions! May you find the answers, and the community who will walk with you as you learn to walk with God!

As for the photo essay,

Mountain biking is one of our chosen skills; Jyle and Emily (not pictured) have been working on our mountain biking courses all summer.

We played the Lost Tribe. Bacon (pictured below left) evoked Tom Hanks as the guy on the island in the plane crash as he awaits teams on the island. Jaymie (below, right) played the helpful pirate.

Oh, horses. Aren't you hilarious?

On the left, during Jug 'n Jog, Bacon (with the alarming mullet) frees Hyacinth (with the fins) and they skip happily back to their side. On the right, Jyle shows off his mad b-ball skillz.

Rock! Paper! Scissors! Becky and Robin face off.

Water fights! We had some good weather for Ignite 2.

Jamie, Amy and Reilly figured there was no better way to spend SWAT time than to have an all-out mud fight at the creek.


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