trenton is a spring staffer.

Name: Trenton Gartke (in the yellow pinny)

Edmonton, Alberta

Where we'll find him this spring & summer:
In the A/V office and hopefully rockin' the wall. (Trenton is the genius behind the photoshopping in this profile.)

How many years he's been coming to Evergreen: Third year on staff, plus a year or two of family camp (please note that Kerry met Trenton here at Evergreen, at family camp, in 1999).

Three favourite cloud formations:
1. Cumulo-nimbus.
2. Cumulus.
3. Cirrus.

Three not-so-favourite hockey teams:
1. Manchester United.
2. Pittsburgh Steelers.
3. Chicago Cubs.

Best camp memory: Making french toast over the open fire, then playing football, during Roughin' It Boys in 2008.

What he's most looking forward to this spring and/or summer: Sharing God's love with campers by cabin leading and making sweet videos with Benjamin Esau.

He can't make it through the day without: Climbing a mountain, running a marathon, reciting the entire book of Isaiah, and writing a ten-page country ballad all at the same time.

In his opinion, the coolest thing about God is ... there's absolutely nothing that can separate us from His unconditional, merciful, abundant, always-and-forever kind of love.


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