michael is a spring staffer.

Name: Michael Willems (aka, the former Michael Douglas Willems III)

Calgary, Alberta

Where we'll find him this spring & summer:
Camp Evergreen, assistant program directing!

How many years he's been coming to Evergreen: Fourth year as staff, 12th year attending.

Three favourites:

1. Spanish
2. Snow Patrol.
3. Dead Poets Society.

Three not-so-favourites:
1. French.
2. Ke$ha.
3. All About Steve.

Best camp memory: During my second year of cabin leading, I had a camper named Tyler* who barely spoke at all. I was having trouble connecting with him and didn't know what to do. On Wednesday night, I shared my testimony about how my parents were divorced. After I finished sharing, he ran to the middle of the cabin, giving me a big hug and saying, 'me too!' Not only did we really connect the rest of the week, the experience really affirmed my purpose for being at camp.

What he's most looking forward to this spring and/or summer: I'm most looking forward to being challenged by God. I'm at camp for a longer time and in a new position this year, so I can't just coast. I'm looking forward to having to depend on God to get me through.

He can't make it through the day without: Singing or just listening to music.

In his opinion, the coolest thing about God is ... his role as an author. Nothing amazes me more than when the pieces and patterns and plot lines of my life are revealed to me.

Michael would also like to share that: Picking "not-so-favourites" off the top of your head is really hard.

*Tyler's name has been changed to protect his privacy.


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