clyding – verb (used without object)
1. to sit on and manage a Clydesdale in motion; be carried on the back of a Clydesdale.
2. to be borne along on a Clydesdale or Clydesdale-like conveyance.

Jon, our faithful Wrangler, has been teaching our Clydesdales, Duke and Diamond, to be ridden (I had to look "ridden" up to make sure it was a legitimate word -- it sounds like one of those fake verb conjugations in the manner of "boughten"). If you haven't met Duke and Diamond, they're our team and they usually pull the wagon. And if you're not familiar with Clydesdales ... they're enormous! They're really beautiful, too. I love their shaggy legs (which is apparently called feathering. Can you tell that I don't work at the barn?) and calm postures.

Duke and Diamond seem fairly comfortable with Jon on their backs, but they most definitely will not be joining the line for trail rides. Riding them is one way to make them increasing comfortable with people and increasing able to take direction.

When Jon and Duke or Diamond come through the parking lot, those of us who work primarily in the office head outdoors to gawk. Jon looks so tiny on top of the gigantic horses and the horses looking even bigger than normal when you see a normal sized person on their backs!

posted by kerry.


Alyssa Neudorf said…
I love those horses! They make me feel shorter then need be. I am just over 5 feet, so they make me feel really short... so then i just go and stand beside Courtney and i feel better. Tell Jon good job for me please! Thanks!
Anonymous said…
that would be sweet to see jon on the back of those horses i would sit on the bench and just watch and then soon after decided its better him riding them then me as i feel they could most likely eat me..JK..maybe not eat just step on and remind who's boss.
Anonymous said…
Too bad we didn't get it on video when Jon was jumping him over the logs in the parking lot! Too funny!

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