Thundering Trail Blazers

This week was full of fun, Jesus, and thunder. Every day, it seemed, had storm clouds roll in and thunder. Fortunately for us, it seemed to only really rain when we were inside for meals or Chapel. Activities like Horsemanship, Zipline, Canoeing, archery, and more! These kids played our wide games with enthusiasm and gusto - you could often hear them playing halfway across camp. I hope all of the parents enjoy the singing today at Closing as much as we have all week.

This week our speaker was from Dalhousie Church in Calgary, Brennan Dyck. It was so much fun to see the kids interact with Brennan in chapel and during the games.

Last night we had our testimony "rocks" because for the third week in a row, we were rained out from our fire ring. The weather wasn't a downer though - as always - testimony nights are MY favourite. I absolute love hearing what kids are learning about God and what they're experiencing at camp. Here is a small sample of the testimonies that were shared:
  • I learned a lot about God, like life lessons.
  • No matter what, God will always be with me.
  • We can actually be different than everybody else.
  • I've learned to trust God.
  • We can trust God even when we can't see Him.
  • God is always there for you.
  • God never leaves your side, even in tough times.
  • I am going to learn a new Bible verse every single day!
  • I learned that I should come to camp more often.
  • I learned that God can do things through you.
  • The best thing that ever happened to me was growing closer to God and reading my Bible.
  • Once you join the Kingdom - that's the start of your adventure.
Chapels songs that we sang this week were:

  • Kingdom Quest - written by Josh Bryce (Swish)
  • Your Kingdom Knows No End
  • Look to the Son 
  • Happy Day 
  • Pharoah Pharoah 
  • Meet Me in the River
The video for the week can be found here (starting on Tuesday):

Thanks for a great week! See you next year!

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