Mighty Sparkies

This week we welcomed our youngest campers, our Sparkies, to a week of fun in the sun! Don’t worry, we put on all the sunscreen, drank all the water, and wore all the hats we could find! These campers have loads of energy and don’t stop ‘till they drop (thank goodness for nap time). This week was an adventure for sure, whether it was the good food or soaking our cabin leaders with water balloons at tuck time, these kiddos were all in. We fit a lot of fun into this short week including chapel, pony rides, canoeing, archery, arts and crafts, horse care, bouncy castle, climbing wall, wagon rides, and the best games camp has to offer (that’s right, I’m talking about jug & jog)! 

Our speaker Kendall, the children’s pastor at SunWest Church in Calgary, challenged our campers with some very good questions. Every chapel the kids were asked two questions, “who is Jesus?” and “what does that make me?” They learned about what Jesus has done for us and how loved they are by God. Kendall told us stories from the Jesus Storybook Bible, taught us all about what it means to pray, and how we can join our King Jesus!

These campers may be small, but they ask big and important questions. Here at camp, we are reminded over and over just how thoughtful and strong these kids are!

Testimonies shared by our kids this week include the truths that God exists in three, as God the Father, God the Son, and The Holy Spirit; that “Jesus is the son of God”, “God has a Kingdom that will never perish”, “We are very special to Jesus”, “Even though we sin God still forgives us”, and “Jesus’ name is powerful”.

Shout out to our Pit Crew who served and cleaned for us, and the kitchen crew who cooked in a real hot kitchen this week!

These are the songs that we sang this week:

  • Kingdom Quest (by Josh Bryce - Swish)
  • Your Kingdom Knows No End 
  • Every Move I Make

And here is the link to the weekly video that will be posted on August 13th : www.vimeopro.com/campevergreen/2018-week6

Can you believe it, only 2 weeks of camp left!?!


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