Starting off strong with Jr. Explorers

Our first week of summer has been awesome! We kick it off with one of the most fun ages - Jr. Explorers! These little ones are between the ages of Gr. 1-4 and are super keen to learn new skills, brave new heights (literally), and test their limits.

These campers say the most ridiculous things and are hilarious. I've seen "Tigers" in skirts riding horses!! If that's not hilarious - I don't know what is! I absolutely love watching these kids look at an activity like canoing, identify that they are nervous about trying it and taking the brave steps towards conquering their fears. I think we could learn a lot from these little ones!

Our Speaker this week was Carol from Cranbrook. Here we just called her Questing Carol. She taught us songs, had us competing for the Banana Cup each day, looking for stars, and had us laughing. She taught lots about God:
  • He's an eternal God
  • He's our eternal King
  • We can have eternal life though His son, Jesus
  • He offers us eternal kindness
On the last night of camp, our campers participate in a campfire where the campers have an opportunity to share something about their week. We hear lots of comments about what activities were the favourites. Here are some of the comments made during Testimony Sticks:
  • I learned about eternal life.
  • I learned that Jesus' love is everlasting.
  • I learned that Camp Evergreen is so much fun and even though I get scared, I can face my fears.
  • God is always by my side even when I have hard times.
  • I learned you can talk to Jesus whenever you want to.
  • I learned not to give up on things you want to do, like climbing the wall.
  • I learned that God cares, He loves, He's always there.
The Chapel Songs we sang this week were:
  • Kingdom Quest
  • Your Kingdom Knows No End
  • Happy Day

It's been such an amazing start to the summer. Remember that we still have space in Sparks on August 7-10th for kids going into Grades 1-4.

Here's the link to the video:

Check back next week when we post about Trail Blazers 1!!
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