Explorers and Half-way There!

One hundred and fifty campers spread across five different programs joined us for camp this week. We had 16 Pit Crew finishing out their second week of camp, 16 Interns experiencing their first week as staff, 6 campers in our brand new Wrangler Up Sr. program where they learned what it takes to be an Evergreen Wrangler, 12 campers down at our Roughin' It Boys 2 camp and 100 Explorer campers at our Base Camp.

We got a bit a rain and a bit of sunshine this week. Regardless of the weather - all of our campers played, competed, and couldn't be stopped from having fun. The weather even cleared up for our field BBQ on Wednesday so we could Party, eat some burgers, and finish up with Jug 'n' Jog.

Our speaker this week was from Lethbridge, Alberta and one of our long standing staff members, Sarah Viejou (Renaissance). She started the week off by talking about lost coins and sheep (with the biggest, fluffiest sheep!!) and putting a puzzle together about how Jesus came to rescue us and how we can say yes to being part of His rescue team!

Testimonies from kids were amazing as usually as many shared about how they didn't know that there was no way for God to love you more and nothing you could possibly do to make God love you less, how Jesus died on the cross for our sins, that He knows YOUR name (and the number of hairs on your head), and that He wants you to be on His rescue team.

Here are the songs that we sang this week:
  • Kingdom Quest (by Josh Bryce - Swish)
  • Your Kingdom Knows No End 
  • Look to the Son
  • Away in a Manger
Last up - here's the link to the video that will be posted on July 30th:

It's hard to believe that we're already half-way through summer! Pray that we will keep the energy that we've had so far! 

.: jogee :.


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