Pond Hockey and Open House!

I would never imagine myself complaining about the warm December weather. Yet here I am - concerned that it just hasn't been cold enough. Who would have ever thought?! A year ago last week - it was between -20 and -30...This year? Battling +10!

There has been some pretty awesome results of that nice weather. The Fallen Timber Creek that flows through our land is amazing. This is a pretty rare occurrence. Typically the creek freezes bumpy and it's pretty difficult to get it smooth unless we get some long periods of warm weather...which we've had. Our Dish(rack)tion has been diligently clearing snow on the creek. And you know what? All that nice weather caused the creek to flow over top and smooth out the bumps. Once it froze again - it was magic.

I often get asked if we're worried about ice and Pond Hockey and you know what, we're happy. With this being our ninth tournament, we have seen extremely cold weather, extremely warm weather and just about everything in between. Every year presents interesting challenges and we're always ready for whatever comes our way. We are excited about next week's temperatures...PERFECT for ice making!! Merry Christmas indeed.

We're deep into our planning for our Pond Hockey Tournament. It's going to be so awesome! We're encouraging everyone to bring their family and friends so that more people can discover Camp Evergreen.

Pond Hockey is one of our major fundraisers of the year. This year, we're aiming to raise $40,000!! Can you help us achieve our goal?

What's that? You're not a hockey player? Truth be told, neither am I. But there are ways to enjoy the day and take part if you're not on the ice. Here's how:
  1. Support a Team - You can make contributions to the event or to a specific team. There are prizes to the team that raises the most support.
  2. Come out for the day! We have a Silent Auction available to everyone, a Kids Auction Table, Wagon Rides, and activities for the kids. Not to mention all of the hockey you could possibly shake a stick at. There's no cost for the day - just let us know that you're coming - 403-638-4230!
  3. Make an individual contribution. If you don't know anyone playing - consider making a contribution for the event. All proceeds for Pond Hockey go towards supporting the programs that we run at Camp Evergreen.
Camp changes lives. There's no disputing that. Camp creates a safe environment where kids can explore, adventure, and discover more about themselves, God, and Creation. By helping us hit our goal, you are helping to changing the lives of thousands of children and adults who will experience our programs throughout the year.

Plan on joining us on January 13th, 2018. And if you are sitting on the fence and wondering if you should put a team in -  we have eleven teams currently registered for Pond Hockey - room for only one more! If you're interested in filling that last spot - just email Courtney at: courtney@camp-evergreen.com.

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