Campers on the Value of Camp

It's certainly easy for me or anybody that works at camp to tell you why it is so awesome and why it is so important for kids to experience. I started attending camps when I was five years old and kept attending straight through graduation, when I turned into a seasonal staff member - working during the summers between university semesters. I still couldn't keep away - I then became a full-time director. You can see why it's easy for me to talk about the life-changing role that camp plays in one's life. It played that role in mine. Many people agree with me. The activities, games, and the outdoors obviously make camp so amazing.

When we ask kids what they love about their week the normal, expected answers pop up. But would you believe me if I told you that one of the things that campers talk about when asked what they love about camp is that it's a break from their devices?

Camp is a place unlike any other. Freedom from devices and technology, outdoor adventures, new friends, tons of crazy games, and a staff team that truly cares for the campers and who want to see Lives Transformed by the Power of Jesus can really make an impact in a kid's life.

At the end of each week of the summer, our Cabin Leaders sit down with each camper to find out what they loved about camp and where they think we need to improve. These moments are important to us and can give us some really amazing insight into what our camper's are experiencing.

So rather than me listing all of the great reasons why your son or daughter should experience camp (I may still do that next week because lists are fun!) is one better... it's one of the conversations I talked about between a staff and camper at the end of an Explorers week from this last summer:

Staff: Hey Ben, what is something you liked about your time at camp? What would you change if you had the chance?

Camper (Ben): I like the good service from the staff. Actually I think I liked everything about camp. I think camp is perfect the way it is.

Staff: We know that the activities are awesome but what else makes camp important or special to you?

Camper: It's special how kind everyone is and that all of the time, non-stop, you are always doing something and that makes everything much more fun.

Staff: What did you think of the speaker and the chapels?

Camper: When I went to chapel and we started with the songs, they were all so fun to listen and dance to. Then when Pebbles and Bam Bam (Speakers' Camp Names) came up they taught so many things that I haven't thought about and that inspired me to learn more about God.

Staff: What do you think you learned about yourself and God this week?

Camper: I learned to trust myself in doing some things that were scary. I also said yes to following Jesus, because here at camp I learned more about Jesus than in two months at home. And learning more encourages me to follow Jesus.

Camp creates an environment where kids experience safety in relationships, risk and adventure, learning about God, and so much more. In less than a month - sign up your son or daughter for a transformational week at camp. If you're already planning on it - consider inviting a family who has never experienced camp to attend with your children.

On January 3rd at 9am register here.

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