Little but Mighty

This week may have been a short week for us but our Sparks might be the biggest gift. We love our littlest campers as they play the hardest, sing the loudest, and star jump the most enthusiastically. They are such amazing gifts from God and we sure do love everything about them...from their alligator house coats and princess PJs and more.


Some of the funnier things you would have seen or heard this week would have been along the lines of how this was the best week of their life (when they received TWO pieces of tuck) or how they are able to ANYTHING (after riding a horse). These campers know the magic of living in the moment and enjoying everything (right down to the sticks they collect all week long).

Rather than sharing a bunch of testimonies - I just want to share this short story about something a camper shared with one of our staff.

A camper asked about how God makes day and night and so I explained that it's really cool how God made the world to spin and where He placed the sun and the moon. The campers then said, "You know, I think we can't feel it but it's God's hands holding the world, making it spin."

I love how these kids think. Like one other camper who said, "I just want to be Jesus' friend and keep being his friend all of my life.". I love it.

Songs that we sang in chapel this week:
  • We Are - Kari Jobe
  • I Just Wanna Be a Sheep
  • Alligator Goodbye
I hope that you have a great weekend. We have two high energy weeks left of Summer Camp. Please pray for us!

Until next week,


Anonymous said…
Great singing at the closing program and so much positive energy from the littlest campers. I'm sure they'll be singing, "I just want to be a sheep," for weeks to come.

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